Sunday, June 3, 2007

Strawberry Park 2007 - Saturday

Saturday at Strawberry Park is a lesson in how to build the next generation of loyal bluegrass fans and an appreciation of the kinds of new, young musicians who are increasingly present on the circuit. The lineup has representatives from the earliest days of bluegrass festivals to the most cutting edge of groups building new music using the instruments traditionally found in a bluegrass band. The day is sunny and hot without a drop of rain, a perfect day. The schedule requires attention, as only two groups have two sets. If fans want to see a group, they need to be on hand to catch them in the moment. There are few second chances today.

I want to write at greater length about the contrasts and similarities of groups ranging from Dry Branch Fire Squad, Steep Canyon Rangers and the Grascals through Cadillac Sky and the Infamous Stringdusters through Chris Thile and How to Grow a Band. The skill level is enormously high. Each group has members who are either worthy of enshrinement in some hall of fame or who will soon be there. The list is so long that I hesitate to name people in fear of leaving a worthy great out. Today, I’ll post a bunch of pictures that seek to give a sense of variety and quality available. When I get some time next week, I’ll fill in the holes.

Steep Canyon Rangers

Cadillac Sky

Chris Thile and How to Grow a Band w/Bryan Sutton

Before the last set, park owner Buck gave Glenn Hubbard, the emcee of evening events at Strawberry Park for thirty years and award for his service.

I know there are some individuals missing from these pictures and there are other ones I want to put up, but I'm working under a time constraint and want to get this up. More tomorrow.