Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Carolina Road at Vanceboro United Methodist Church

Royce and Janice Jordan celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on Sunday at the Vanceboro, NC United Methodist Church by giving their church a lovely gift. Their daughter, Lorraine Jordan and her band Carolina Road, gave an all bluegrass gospel concert as part of the regular Sunday worship service. Pastor D. Stephen Stutts graciously gave his pulpit to Carolina Road for a different kind of worship service, and Carolina Road served the purpose well. After opening prayers, a short children’s sermon, which explained this new kind of worship to the young people of the church, and the regular collection, Mr. Stutts introduced the band, and they took it from there. Lorraine gave testimony to her faith through song and a few brief words as well as celebrating her family and their love for each other. The congregation responded with warmth, laughter,and enthusiastic encouragement as Carolina Road picked and sang gospel material from their regular festival and concert program, songs from their gospel CD, and gospel songs they may not ordinarily perform. The morning culminated with members of the congregation and Pastor Stutts joining the band for “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” which drew all the people in the sanctuary into a single community. As fans and friends of Carolina Road, Irene and I felt honored and humbled to be invited and welcomed to such a lovely event. After church, the Jordan’s hosted a huge chicken dinner, assisted by the church family, for the congregati, which cemented the day


Lorraine, Josh, Jerry

Lorraine with Brother and Sister-in-Law

Lorraine with Nephew, Niece and Brother-in-Law

Pastor Stutts

Happy 55th Anniversary
Royce and Janice Jordan