Sunday, November 25, 2007

Autographed Banjo Heads

Here’s a little Thanksgiving gift. I started getting signatures on my banjo heads when I bought the Earl Scruggs head at Merlefest. Later I decided that I wanted to have a couple of different kinds of heads. I reserved the Scruggs head for banjo players I considered to have made substantial contributions to the way the banjo is played. You may disagree with the choices I’ve made, but I think the list there is pretty good. I invite you to suggest a few more names for me to add to this head before I have it framed. The second head is full, so I had to start a third one. You may or may not be able to identify all the signatures. I know I can’t. The names on the other two heads, including a few duplicates from the Scruggs head, are not necessarily great players. They include some very good local players who I like or who have impressed me, as well as some of the real greats. There are some notable banjo players missing, either because I haven’t had the chance to see them or because they don’t tour much along the eastern seaboard. I’m still working on adding new names. I hope you enjoy my banjo heads.

The Scruggs Head

The Completed HeadThe Third Head