Monday, August 3, 2009

Randy Kohrs' Instruments Recovered

Randy Kohrs with Recovered Resonator Guitar

In a phone call this evening I was told that all the instruments and nearly all the equipment stolen from Randy Kohr's van in the parking lot of the Sleep Inn in Columbus, OH a week ago Sunday morning have been recovered. According to the person who called me, a man pawned the stolen Martin guitar for $100 and indicated he would return with more instruments. When he came back with the two stolen resonator guitars, he was apprehended, a warrant issued, and the remaining instruments recovered at the thief's home. My informant told me the motive was getting money in order to purchase crack cocaine. This means a nasty and unpleasant story has come to a happy end.
MORE: Randy has written to tell me, "It hasn't been returned just yet. The Columbus DA may make us wait quite a while to get our stuff since it is all evidence." Nevertheless, this is all good news.

Ashley Brown

Randy Kohrs