Sunday, October 4, 2009

IBMA 2009 - The Plan


IBMA was a great event. It opened with four days of a business conference.  Culmintaint in an awards luncheon and the evening's Awards ceremony.  Some expectations were met, and the membership selected a few delightful surprises.  There was a feeling of warmth and togetherness about much of the process.  On Friday, Fan Fest commenced with two and a half days of the best bluegrass music you could want to experience...bluegrass in all its many varieties.  As the week closed out with today's annual gospel show, people headed away with new skills and and enhanced conviction that, while the world is experiencing sometimes difficult to manage and understand change, and that change is reflected in our music, the future is well-assured.

During the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting pictures and commentary on this wonderful and fulfilling event as well accounts of our continuing adventure.  Thanks for you patience in waiting for it.  This morning we hit the hay at shortly after 3:00 AM and arose at  7:00 on time to get back to town.  Tomorrow morning I'll post my first account.  See you on the net. - Ted