Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Photo Treats I: IBMA Fan Fest - Saturday

The days are getting shorter, the bluegrass events are getting sparser.  It's time to showcase a collection of the best photographs we've taken during the past year.  During the rest of the year, along with reporting on a couple of events, writing some CD reviews, and adding a couple of book reviews, I'll comb through the twenty-some thousand images we've (both Irene and I) accumulated and give you a look at ones that stand out for me as highlights.  The first pictures in this series were all taken on October 3, 2009 at IBMA Fan Fest, an all-star bluegrass festival held in conjunction with the annual World of Bluegrass Convention held by the International Bluegrass Music Association in Nashville each year.  Between now and mid-January, when we leave for the winter bluegrass season in Florida, I'll be posting who  knows how many times or how many pictures.  I look at these as a seasonal gift to you, who've become loyal readers of this blog over the years.  Enjoy them and, as always, I look forward to your notes and comments. The pictures are, more or less, in chronological order.

Renaissance Hotel - IBMA Convention Hotel

Heather Berry and Joe Zauner (stage manager)

Daughters of Bluegrass (IBMA Award Winners)

Daughters of Bluegrass with Miss Dixie Hall

Jeanette Williams and Benny Greene

Carl Jackson and Mark Newton (Fan Fest Producers
on the Search for New Talent (Isaac Moore)

Bradley Walker

Donna Ulisse, Bradley Walker, Carl Jackson, DeeDee Thacker

Sierra Hull

Cory Walker

Carl Jackson and Sierra Hull with Highway 111
Christian Ward, Cory Walker, Jacob Eller  and Clay Hess

Proud Parents Dreema and Larry Stephenson

with "Phaylon Whysper" Sidney Stephenson

Tim Shelton

Christy Reid

Kenny Ingram

Larry Stephenson

Lou Reid

Buddy Melton (Balsam Range)

Marc Pruett (Balsam Range)

Michael and Danny Paisley

Alan Bibey

Kim Fox

Dale Ann Bradley

Joe Diffie

Travis Book

Jesse Cobb

Jeremy Garrett

Donica Christensen

Larry Cordle

Mark O'Conner

Steve Gulley

Jamie Dailey and Irene Lehmann

Jamie Dailey

Jamie Dailey, Jeff Parker, Darrin Vincent

Bertie Sullivan and Darrin Vincent

Sammy Shelor

Andy Ball (Lonesome River Band)

Mike Anglin

Paula and John Breedlove  (Songwriters)

Some Daughters of Bluegrass
Annette Kelley, Frances Mooney, Tami Butler, and Jeanette Williams

Gary Waldrep

Chris Harris and John Wade

Pete Kuykendahl, Bertie Sullivan, Kitsy Kuykendahl

Lou and Christy Reid

Cindy Baucom and Hero Worshiping Friend

That's all I think I'll post from IBMA this year.  It's worth saying, once again, that whether you're a fan or a professional in any of the many categories IBMA serves, and you want to advance in your field or interact with the greats in the music, IBMA offers a great week of serious insight and wonderful music.