Friday, July 23, 2010

MACC 2010 - Thursday

At Muscians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC), every band performing is THE headliner somewhere else.  Again today I'll post pictures of the bands as well as scenes around the grounds.  The festival opened with a band whose members are all alumni of the MACC Children's Camp substituting for an absent band.  I want to present the entire band as a tribute to their willingness to fill in and an encouragement to those of you who fear for the future of bluegrass music.  The day was hot and often threatened rain, but it never came.  By the time IIIrd Tyme Out finished after 11:00, it was clear and still plenty warm.  The day offered variety and plenty of tunefulness.

MACC Children's Band Alumni

Wylie Bailey

Steven Moore

Jayson Jerisek

Gary Jackson

Clifton Bailey

Curtis Oyler

Danny Spires

John Jackson

James Paul Bailey

Keith Keeran & Tom Feller on the Sound Board

 James King Band

James King
Ron Spears
Tony Mabe

Nothin' Fancy
Mike Andes

Mitchell Davis

Gary Faris

Chris Sexton

Tony Shorter

Lost & Found

Allan Mills

Scottie Sparks

Scott Napier

Ronald Smith

David Parmley & Continental Divide

 David Parmley

Randy Graham
Mike Parker

Ronald Mosely

 Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice

Junior Sisk

Timmy Massey

Jason Tomlins

Greg Moore

Jason Davis
Musician's Merchandise Row

Dailey & Vincent
On the Cracker Barrel Bus

Jammie Dailey

Darin Vincent

Jeff Parker

Joe Dean, Jr.

Christian Davis

Jessie Stockman

The Gospel Quartet

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

Hunter Berry

Mikcey Harris

Aaron McDaris

Ben Helson

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out
Russell Moore

Steve Dilling

Wayne Benson

Justin Haynes

Edgar Loudermilk