Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brookgreen Gardens - Murrell's Inlet, SC

Brookgreen Gardens, located on U.S. Highway 17 south of Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina is a delightful place to spend a quiet day wandering the paths to enjoy the collection of sculpture gathered there, the quiet warmth of a South Carolina spring day, the wealth of local wildlife and horticulture.  Built on what was once four of the richest rice plantations in the country, as well as on land once worked by the largest slaveholder in the Americas, the Huntington family established Brookgreen Gardens in 1931 as a place to house the vast collection of sculpture amassed by Anna Hyatt Huntington as a non-profit corporation. Located on nearly 10,000 acres and directly across the street from the very pleasant Hungtington Beach State Park, the Garden are well worth a visit.  Because of the size and range of the collections and activities available on the site, a ticket is good for a full week. There's plenty of time to linger over the vistas and art work, as visitors know they can return tomorrow to soak up more.  While there's a zoo on the premises as well as a boat ride through parts of the grounds, our visit with our good friends Bob and Ann Cook from Wilmington, NC was limited to a few hours' walk in the mains sculpture garden.  We'll surely return for more in the future. Here are some pictures of some of what we saw:

How to Get to Brookgreen Gardens