Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival - Thursday

History will show that Thursday at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival will have been the nice day in terms of weather.  A day of sunshine, warmth and good music opened with the Performance of Pete Wernick's Jam Camp where thirty-some campers came to camp on Tuesday,  each one convinced he or she was the "worst" player there.  By show time on Thursday the group had become a cohesive bunch, enjoying each other's company and making more than acceptable music together. Pete has spent the last several years bringing his ideas about spreading jamming to the world and has now begun certifying Wernick Method jam teachers around the country who are spreading his approach to people who want to play with others.  

Jam Campers on Stage
 Photo by Darin Aldridge

Link to Jam Campers Album

Nothin' Fancy

Nothin' Fancy has been a successful band for some years.  Their unique combination of amusing songs, stage hi-jinks, strong singing, and good instrumental work make the a pleasure for their large fan base.  They are an excellent band to show people new to bluegrass the joys of the music while bringing an often needed touch of humor to stages which are often all too serious.

Mike Andes
Chris Sexton

Mitchell Davis

Gary Faris
Tony Shorter with Mike Andes

Nothin' Fancy - Grandma's Brand New Hog - Video

Darin & Brooke Aldridge

The Darin & Brooke Aldridge Band continues to become tighter and to broaden their repertoire. With a new CD coming out in July, this festival season will see them reaching out to new audiences, solidifying the ones they've already captured, and continuing to grow as a band.  

Darin & Brooke

Chris Bryant

Rachel Johnson

Dwayne Anderson

Darin Aldridge

Brooke Aldridge

Brooke & Rachel

Jose' Pratts - Steve Dilling's Foster Brother

IIIrd Tyme Out

IIIrd Tyme Out has established itself as one of the most personally attractive and musically interesting bands touring today.  Their obvious ease and enjoyment of each other communicates itself, coming across to audiences who interact with them throughout their show.  Russell Moore, having won his third IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year spread over an eighteen year period, has no peer for both quality and longevity.  Steve Dilling, as band spokesman is simply the best in the business.  There are no holes in this fine band.

Russell Moore
Steve Dilling

Wayne Benson

Justin Haynes

Edgar Loudermilk

Steve & Jose'

 Jam Campers on the Hill

The Larry Stephenson Band

This veteran band continues to tour featuring first rate traditional Monroe style mandolin and the pellucid tenor voice of leader Larry Stephenson. Legendary banjo great Kenny Ingram continues to bring his great solo work and deep band experience with him. Kevin Richardson on guitar is a fine flat picker with a strong voice. New addition Danny Stewart, Jr. on bass has solidified his work since we first saw him with the band in February and is a genuine strong addition.  Enjoy this fine band when you see them.

Larry Stephenson

Kenny Ingram

Kevin Richardson

Can Others See?

Mountain Heart

Mountain Heart continues to transmogrify itself from a somewhat progressive bluegrass band into a group reaching out to younger and more rock/blues oriented audience.  These top-notch musicians can and do excite their audiences with a broad range of bluegrass and bluegrass influenced music.  Josh Shilling, on vocals and keyboard, is always excellent while extending the sound of the band.  While Mountain Heart is not everyone's cup of tea, their performances are exciting and entertaining.  

Barry Abernathy

Jim VanCleve

Jason Moore

Josh Shilling

Aaron Ramsey

 Jake Stargell

Abernathy & Ramsey

Dancing to Mountain Heart

Pete & Joan Wernick
It was a very high quality opening day at Gettysburg. It will be followed by rain and mist, but the music will remain great and the crowd enthusiasm high.