Sunday, July 24, 2011

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer - 2011 - Friday

This summer's brutal July heat in Columbus continued on Friday never putting a damper on the crowd's eagerness to hear great music or the artists' willingness to provide it.  The heat stayed unusually oppressive until a line of thunderstorms passed through, thankfully missing Hoover-Y Park, but allowing the air to cool to bearable levels.  

Rarely Herd

There's no good reason why Rarely Herd should emulate its name.  This band should be widely heard.  They feature excellent instrumental work, fine singing, strong song choices, and enough corny jokes to keep the whole thing moving along and interesting. For instance, the band took an old war horse song like "Rebel Soldier" and treated it with respect while making it sound fresh. We had never seen this band and only listened to them on satellite radio.  It's been our loss and we'll be looking for them as we travel. 

Todd Sams

 Brandon Shuping

Jim Stack
Chris Stockwell

 Jeff Weaver

Rarely Herd sings "Darcy Farrow" - Video

New Found Road

Tim Shelton continues to have a powerful and expressive singing voice that takes song material and weaves emotion through it.  He's built a band leaning well toward the progressive side while still performing bluegrass and some well-loved country songs. Joe Booher is a monster mandolin player while Josh Miller on banjo is one of the fine young guns on his instrument.  Jamie Booher's bass work is always strong.  

Tim Shelton

Joe Booher
Jamie Booher

 Josh Miller

Danny Paisley & Southern Grass

Danny Paisley sings a raw, almost primitive style of traditional bluegrass.  Coming from a musically fertile area in southeastern Pennsylvania near the Maryland line and the Chesepeake Bay, Danny's been in bluegrass since his youth singing with his late father Bob Paisley.  His own son, Ryan, is now traveling with him  and playing when he can.  His band has recently experienced some personnel changes as people's lives and plans change, but the Paisley sound and vibe are secure and lively.

Mark Delaney

Michael Paisley

Ryan Paisley

Doug Meek

Spencer Mobely

 Jim Beaver - WHUS FM - Storrs, CT

David Parmley & Continental Divide

David Parmley looks fitter and happier than I've ever seen him, and his pipes are as good as ever.  During his satisfying performance at MACC he reprised well-loved songs from his days with his Dad Don Parmley's Bluegrass Cardinals as well as more recent favorites from his own band David Parmley & Continental Divide. He also presented some newer work including selections from his upcoming gospel CD.  The performance, under a cruel, blazing son was tuneful and enjoyable.

 Davis Parmley

Randy Graham
Steve Day

Matt Wallace

Joshua Lee Hymer

MACC Children's Band Rehearsal

The MACC Children's Band is a much appreciated activity giving young pickers a chance to make music from the stage and their parents an opportunity to take pride in their performance as well as to know that for several hours a day during the festival their children are well supervised.

Blogger at Work

Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice

With the departure of Junior's long-time musical partner and cousin Timmy Massey, to pursue other interests including a new and lovely wife, Junior Sisk's band enters a new era. Timmy will be missed, and we all hope he and Junior continue to write music together.  Meanwhile, Jason Tomlin has moved to bass, which is his original instrument from which he'll also contribute tenor harmonies. Chris Davis, formerly with Marty Raybon's band, joins Rambler's choice on mandolin and vocals.  Davis is a dynamic presence in any band of which he's a member.  He's an excellent mandolinist and good singer, bringing energy and personality to the band.  Billy Hawks continues doing his excellent work on fiddle, while Jason Davis' traditional banjo is always driving and tasteful.  Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice has been and will remain one of the finest traditional bluegrass bands playing today, mining the well  the Stanley Brothers as well as presenting songs by Junior's dad Harry Sisk and new material that continues to sound old.

Chris Davis
Jason Davis
Billy Hawks

The Trio
Hawks, Tomlin, Sisk


Canadian Guest

J.D. Crowe & the New South

J.D. Crowe has fully recovered from his broken arm, which is a good thing because this 73 year old banjo great says he's not ready for retirement.  Willing to be a sideman in his own band and no longer singing very much, he's still very much in charge of its sound while his picking is sharp and clear, his backup play, as always, the most elegant around.  Ricky Wasson, whose baritone voice is strong and convincing, has a wonderful growl at the bottom of his range that works perfectly for him.  Dwight McCall on mandolin contributes a fine tenor voice and Matt DeSpain's Dobro work is strong and his harmony singing, too. Kyle Perkins on bass is, as always, solid and newly married, too.

J.D. Crowe

Ricky Wasson
Matt DeSpain
Dwight McCall
Kyle Perkins

J.D. Crowe

The Dance Slab at 97 Degrees

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver continue to tour and to add new wrinkles to their always smooth and well-polished program.  The band presented its usual high quality show and then sprung a surprise on the audience by inviting the Centerville Ohio Alternative String Orchestra to join the band on stage.  Under the direction of Doug Eyink, this large string group takes their music into realms not ordinarily visited by school string programs. Playing jazz, pop, folk, and, yes, bluegrass, the orchestra has fine tone and provided a delightful backup for Doyles band.  Furthermore, they presented their own transcription of the Cherryholmes song "Broken."  I hope to get a video up within a couple of days. 

Doyle Lawson

Jesse Baker

Jason Barrie

Josh Swift

Mike Rogers

Carl White

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver 
Centerville Alternative String Orchestra

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver w/ Centerville Alternative Acoustic Strings
sing "Leavin' & Lovin' You" - Video

Centerville Alternative String Orchestra

 Lonesome River Band
Sammy Shelor

After twenty years, LRB continues to offer bluegrass music with a hint of rock sensibility that offers exciting music, first rate singing, and plenty of excitement.  Sammy Shelor is a premiere banjo stylist. Brandon Rickman has emerged during the past couple of years as a powerful singer/songwriter who continues to perform with LRB as well as tour with the likes of Tony Trischka.  Like many other great bands, The Lonesome River Band has launched a number of well-known bluegrass musicians on their way to recognition with their own or other bands. Dan Tyminski, Ronnie Bowman, Kenny Smith, Don Rigsby, Ron Stewart, and others played with LRB early in their careers.  The gestation continues as Andy Ball has left to work on a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Alberta.  Randy Jones has joined LRB as mandolinist and tenor vocalist, and is doing a stellar job.  Barry Reid has been with the band about a year on acoustic bass, bringing a new sound to the mix.  The Lonesome River Band is in great shape as it moves into its third decade.

Mike Hartgrove

 Barry Reed

 Brandon Rickman
Randy Jones

Old Friends
Paul Williams, J.D. Crowe & Doyle Lawson

What happens when three old friends who just happen to be senior representatives of bluegrass elite corps get together to sing on a hot summer evening in Columbus, OH? Pure bluegrass magic!   Paul Williams, Doyle Lawson, and J.D. Crowe are all graduates of the Jimmy Martin School of Bluegrass.  Their appearance at The MACC was filled with fun, memories, and pure joy. Just the ticket to end a great day of music and commitment to supporting the elimination of cancer through helping raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Doyle Lawson
J.D. Crowe

Paul Williams

Old Friends (Paul Williams, Doyle Lawson, J.D. Crowe
sing "Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" - Video

And into the night...the jamming continues