Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Photo Retrospective III

Summer is a time during which we could, had we resources, energy, and time attend a festival every week. Here's a series of  pictures covering four of our favorites while still allowing us to spend summer weekends with family and friends in the Adirondacks.  Again, the photos are presented in chronological order with no attention paid to trying to include all band members or have them grouped together.

Strawberry Park
Wayne Taylor (Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa)

Emory Lester (Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa)
Adam Steffey (The Boxcars)
Keith Garrett (The Boxcars)
Jenni Lynn Gardner (Della Mae)
Amanda Kowalski (Della Mae)
Jim Beaver (Emcee)
Ron Stewart (The Boxcars, workshop)

Kimber Ludiker (Della Mae, workshop)
Darrin Vincent (Dailey & Vincent)
Jamie Dailey (Dailey & Vincent)

Claire Lynch

 Carol Young (The Greencards)

Jamie Johnson & Terry Smith
(The Grascals)
Kim Cyr (Emcee)

Leigh Gibson
Rachel Johnson (Boyd) 
(Darin & Brooke Aldridge)

Kym Warner (The Greencards)
Kristin Scott Benson

Larry Stephenson
Kenny Ingram
Chris Bryant (Darin & Brooke Aldridge)
Darin & Brooke Aldridge
Brooke Aldridge
Larry Stephenson & Darin Aldridge
April Hobart (Jubet) & Bruce Stockwell
Amy Gallitin & Roger Williams

Junior Barber
Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass Festival 
Tunbridge, VT
Irene Shields Rhonda Vincent
Rhonda Vincent

Mike Armistead
(Leroy Troy & the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band)

 Leroy Troy
Mickey Harris (Rhonda Vincent & the Rage)

David Davis

 Tony Watt
Alice Waters (World's #1 Bluegrass Fan)
Rachel Johnson (Boyd)
(Darin & Brooke Aldridge)

Dwayne Anderson, Brooke Aldridge, Rachel Johnson (Boyd)
Brooke Aldridge

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC)
Columbus, OH
Barry Crabtree

 Kevin Richardson (Larry Stephenson)
Marc Pruett (Balsam Range)
Danny Roberts (The Grascals)

Richard Underwood, David McLoughlin, Dudley Connell
The Johnson Mountain Boys
Marshall Wilborn (The Johnson Mountain Boys)

Dudley Connell (The Johnson Mountain Boys)
The Johnson Mountain Boys
David McLoughlin, Richard Underwood, Marshall Wilborn
DudleyConnell, Michael Cleveland

Joe Booher (NewFound Road)

David Parmley

Chris Davis, Jason Tomlin, Junior Sisk
(Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice) 

J.D. Crowe
Ricky Wasson
Doyle Lawson
Mike Hartgrove (Lonesome River Band)

Sammy Shelor  (LRB)

Brandon Rickman (LRB)

 Paul Williams

 Scott Napier (Lost and Found)

Alan Mills
Joe Mullins
Ronnie Bowman

Wyatt Rice

Andy Ball
Val Story

Rob Ickes (Blue Highway)

Jason Burleson
Carl Jackson
Jerry Salley
Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival (E. Hartford, CT)
Jim Hurst

Jason Carter (Travelin' McCourys)

Del McCoury

Happy Birthday, Roger
Del McCoury, Roger Moss 

 Kim Cyr (Emcee)

Sarah Fitzmaurice
Aaron Malone (Fitzmaurice)

Danny Paisley
Michael Paisley (Danny Paisley & Southern Grass)
Nicky Sanders (Steep Canyon Rangers)

Jim VanCleve (Mountain Heart)

Louisa Branscomb
Chris Jones
Darin Aldridge, Rachel Johnson (Boyd), Brooke Aldridge

Jason Barie  (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver)
Wayne Bledsoe (Emcee)

Donna Ulisse

Travers Chandler 

More next week. Enjoy!


  1. Once again, I really enjoy all the great photos that you post. Hope you continue adding to your collection.

  2. Great Tim O'Brien or Sam Bush!!!!

  3. Regina - Please go back to the second retrospective from last week. I think you'll find pics of both these greats. I just didn't see them at the four festivals we go to in mid-summer, but they were both at Merlefest. Thanks.

  4. Hi Ted. loved the pictures. Didn't see and SteelDrivers though. What is the word on the street as to the continuation of the group since Mike has left?

    I still miss Chris.

  5. I didn't find a SteelDrivers picture I thought was a highlight. Because they often are a closing act, we see only part of their show. Old people like us need to go to bed early.