Friday, March 16, 2012

River Vista RV Park - Dillard, GA

We're staying at River Vista Mountain Village RV Resort just north of Dillard, GA in the north Georgia mountains. Aside from regular stops at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach, we don't usually stay at destination commercial RV parks. Generally speaking, for both financial and esthetic reasons, we prefer to stay in state parks or Corps of Engineers parks, but this place is both convenient and delightful. It helps, too, that lots of our bluegrass friends are staying here also.  

The park is divided between tastefully arranged vacation cabins, including luxury facilities for parking what are euphemistically called Big Rigs and relatively large, well designed sites for transient RVers.  Facilities include an exercise room, an indoor spa, a large meeting room, and a comfortable sitting room. It's a welcoming park set in a corner of north Georgia we'd never visited before.


It's spring here, and only a small portion of the RV sites are turned on. This weekend, most are taken by people attending the Top of Georgia Bluegrass Jamboree at the Dillard House. It's been like a family reunion here for the past couple of days, as friends from other bluegrass festivals in Florida and Tennessee have gathered for this topnotch early season indoor festival.

You can find the River Vista's rate structure and a campground map here. The park is clean, well-kept, and a very enjoyable place to stay. It's convenient to activities in north Georgia, southwestern North Carolina, and East Tennessee. This is a really nice place to stay!

How to Get to River Vista RV Resort