Friday, April 27, 2012

Merlefest 2012 - Thursday

As usual with my Merlefest coverage, speed is more importance than extensive coverage. Each day I'll try to post a representative sample of photos and then I'll come back with more detail and an analysis of the entire event later on. This has been made more difficult this year as  Merlefest management has downgraded my status thus eliminating my access to the Watson Stage photo stand and making it more difficult to get together with musicians we know.  Also, I'll be posting a number of pictures without artists names. If you'll inform me via FB, email, or the comment section which peoples names I've missed, I'll add them later.

Pete Wernick's Jam Camp
Pete & Staff Perform before the Campers

 Jam Camp on Stage

The link below will take those interested to a Google portfolio of sixty-eight photos of Jam Camper performance. Help yourself to downloading them and enjoy the pics.

Kickin' Grass at Main Gate
Lynda Dawkins

 Jamie Dawkins

 Waiting for the Gates to Open
The Neighbors at Main Gate

Deep Dark Woods

Very interesting, somewhat lugubrious Canadian band. Good sound, penetrating music.

Ryan Boldts

Lucas Goetz

Jubal's Kin

 Lost Bayou Ramblers

 Louis Michot
Cavan Carruth
Andre Michot

Andrew Thomas Austin-Peterson

Pauly Deathwish

The Boxcars

Despite Adam Steffey's absence due to illness, the Boxcars did a fine job with Ron Stewart as emcee and the excellent mandolin player Ron Inscore stood in. 

Ron Stewart

 Keith Garrett

 Harold Nixon

Ron Inscore

John Bowman

Donna the Buffalo

Tara Nevins

Jeb Puryear

Dailey & Vincent

B.J. Cherryholms

Jeff Parker

Christian Davis
Jesse Baker

Jamie Dailey

Darin Vincent

Vince Gill

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