Friday, May 11, 2012

DL&Q Bluegrass Festival - Denton, NC - Thursday

Thursday turned increasingly pleasant as the temperature rose, the sky cleared from last nights strong rain, and the crowds came in steadily. By mid-afternoon the performance shed was nearly filled with enthusiastic fans as others visited the vendors and each other. The Denton Farmpark provides a wonderful venue for large events. The wooded area behind the stage is filled with campers, many of them jamming. The selection and variety of vendors is excellent. One of my favorites, which I didn't get to on Thursday, is the fried pies, but there are plenty of other excellent ones, too.  As usual, during a festival, I'll have more photos than commentary. I've used black and white for the Dailey & Vincent set because the lighting is so red it's impossible for me to correct to good color. Probably more of that for Friday.

The Cumberland Highlanders

Best known for their performances on RFD-TV and their association with the fine festival at Jerusalem Ridge in the fall, the Cumberland Highlanders performed with an unusual eight people on the stage offering a solid selection of traditional bluegrass covers.

Jon Rigsby and Wayne Lewis

Mike Fagan
Jon Rigsby

 Lynwood Lunsford

Joe Isaacs

 Stacy York Isaacs

 Jim Rigsby

Vendors Row

Bobby Franklin - Emcee

Chris Jones & the Night Drivers

Chris Jones & the Night Drivers, composed of two Sirius/XM on air personalities, a noted Nashville song writer, journalist, and musician, and an immigrant mandolin player from Germany might seem a somewhat odd combination. On the contrary, they're emerging as a top performing group featuring a combination of warm and witty originals combined with carefully chosen traditional songs.  This is a group whose charm and natural humor will attract any bluegrass audience.

Chris Jones

Ned Luberecki

Jon Weisberger

Mark Stoffel

 Ned Luberecki Preparing Broadcast
for Sirius/XM Radio

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins, long well-known in bluegrass and country radio in southern Ohio and as a fine picker in the super band Longview, has emerged as a very strong leader in his own band offering up a distinctive sound with clear roots in classic bluegrass along with first rate gospel music, much of it written within the band, which is instrumentally and vocally strong.
Joe Mullins
 Mike Terry

 Evan Macgregor

 Clam Chowder & Hush Puppies

Audie Blaylock & Redline

Veteran Audie Blaylock and his band have stepped up to another level. Song selection, arrangements, and personnel have come together to provide a high energy, tuneful and very enjoyable bluegrass experience. The addition of Jesse Brock to the mix brings renewed energy as well as one of the best mandolin players in the business to Audie's excellent singing and leadership. 

Audie Blaylock

Russ Carson
Patrick McAvinue

Audie Blaylock & Jesse Brock

Zach Branch

Irene & Jesse Brock
Audience Outside the Shed

Backstage Rehearsal 
 Darin Vincent
Jamie Daley

Dailey & Vincent

Concluding the evening with their signature ninety minute set, Dailey & Vincent continue to energize and excite audiences with their high energy program of gospel and bluegrass music. Still at the top of their game with first rate music and humor, the band is consistently entertaining. The addition of Jesse Baker to the mix complements B.J. Cherryholmes on the other end of the line. 
Darin Vincent

Jamie Dailey

Jeff Parker

 Christian Davis

B.J. Cherryholmes

Jesse Baker
It's time for the show to start. More tomorrow.