Friday, November 16, 2012


Nikon d7000

Thanks to all of you who contributed to my purchase of a new Nikon d7000 by contributing to the site, by purchasing merchandise at through my site, or by encouraging me to continue in your comments either here, on Facebook, or on various forums where I contribute. While it looks a good deal like the d90 I've used for four years which I'm going to keep as a backup, it's really a new camera with most of the capability of much higher end models. I expect it to do just what I need. There's almost certainly a model in the Nikon line that would suit your needs, too.

When I do my research for selecting a new camera, I rely most strongly on the writings of Ken Rockwell, whose web site has wonderful, readable reviews and most helpful how-to sections. Written in, as much as possible, non-technical language and explaining each camera he writes about in detail, you really can't go wrong following his advice. He specializes in Nikon and Canon, but also includes other cameras.

I've experimented with this beauty a good deal over the last two days, but getting it in the field at festivals will tell the tale. I expect you'll notice a difference in the quality of my shots almost right away. I wish I could buy better writing, but that' takes more work. Thanks again for helping me with this. - Ted