Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Gibson Brothers in Cary, NC on October 11

The Gibson Brothers at the Red Hat Amphitheater

The Gibson Brothers, selected last week for their second consecutive Entertainer of the Year Award at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) World of Bluegrass convention in Raleigh will be returning to the region to perform at the Cary Arts Center on October 11, 2013 at 7:30 PM. Tickets and further information can be obtained by calling the theater at (919) 462-2055 or by looking here.  A seating chart of the theater is available here.

The Cary Arts Center

 The Gibson Brothers

While the 2013 IBMA Entertainers of the Year are superb in any setting, a more intimate theater setting allows audiences to best appreciate their nuanced lyris, superb musicality, and warm and sometimes barbed brotherly humor. Born in rural upstate New York and raised on a dairy farm in Ellenburg Depot, just south of the Canadian border, brothers Eric (the elder by eleven months) and Leigh have forged a remarkable record of seven consecutive number one CD's.  Eric commented in his journal on the Gibson Brothers' web site after their big wins last week, " We don’t ever want to get carried away and act like a bunch of clowns, but I want things to be light-hearted.  We don’t script things, and I think people like the natural banter between us.  I never know what Leigh is going to say, and neither does the audience.  Whether he is making fun of my ‘out-of-work weatherman hair’ or I am making fun of his lack thereof, it’s all in good fun, and folks with a sense of humor get that we are real live brothers just having fun." And that's the way it is. If you haven't experienced bluegrass music before, the Gibson Brothers represent a fine entree into the genre, while, if you're a long time fan, this fine band from upstate New York is at the top of its game in every way, recognized by its peers and by fans everywhere as one of the very best.

Eric Gibson

Leigh Gibson

An evening with the Gibson Brothers includes works from their now large catalog of songs as well as classic bluegrass materials and even pre-bluegrass songs from brother duos of the thirties and forties. Their voices blend in near perfect harmony reflecting both their genetic pairing and the hard work of perfecting the art of singing together. Recently, mandolin player Jesse Brock has added another harmony line on some of their songs. The brothers are supported by a band committed to their music and to creating a just right blend.

Mike Barber

Clayton Campbell

Jesse Brock

The Gibson Brothers latest CD "They Called It Music" has topped the charts during last several months and will be available at the show. The title song stands to become a new defining anthem for modern bluegrass, an amalgam of American music brought together sixty-some years ago and having developed over the last half century into a music representing much of the American experience.

Come out to the Cary Arts Center in Cary, NC on Friday, October 11 to hear this band which has achieved acclaim that can only be awarded not sought. 

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Here's a video of the Gibson Brothers great song, "The Called it Music."

The Gibson Brothers - They Called It Music - Video