Thursday, July 17, 2014

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer 2014 - Wednesday Comment

At every festival we attend I have to choose between being a journalist intent on telling the story as quickly as I can and being a fan getting to enjoy the bands, visit with all the people who have become friends and colleagues through the years...having a really good time.  Each morning, when I get up, I need to download the previous day's content onto my computer, but really don't have time to process both the material and my impressions to provide a really good entry. This year, I'll try to post a brief, impression of what's happening and leave reflection and commentary until next week. Hope that works for you, as a reader as well as Irene and me, who want to enjoy this great festival. See you tomorrow morning.

This Couple Presents a Home Made Quilt Each Year for Auction

Samantha and Clay Hess

Even Kids Get in on Raising Money For St. Jude
Darrell & Phyllis Adkins with Mary Beth

Songwriters Assemble
Mark "Brink" Brinkman, Dale Pyatt, Mike Evans

The Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers Trio
Mike Terry, Joe Mullins, Dwayne Sparks

Mike Cleveland Tears It Up - As Usual

Joe Mullins & Junior Sisk
Tribute to Bluegrass Hall of Famers

Russell Moore

Fans Have a Great Time

Crowds Gather

Daryle Singletary
Country Singer Sounds Terrific at a Bluegrass Festival

Brenda Butler Zones Out for Singletary

The Main Stage from Artists Mess

Blue Highway Closed Out a Fine Opening Day