Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sertoma Ranch Bluegrass Festival - March 25 - 29, 2015: Preview

The 29th annual Sertoma Youth Ranch Bluegrass Festival begins on Wednesday, March 25th at the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, FL and continues through Sunday morning's Gospel Sing & Jam. Produced by Evans Media Source, the festival features top national bands and a selection of local bands. The schedule includes fun activities, workshops, and lots of music from the bands and the jams. Come out and join the fun.

The Lineup
IIIrd Tyme Out

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out improves almost any lineup. Over their more than twenty years as a band, they've won lots of awards and created a loyal following across the nation. Russell Moore remains one of the finest interpreters on traditional and newer songs, while the entire band is one of the finest instrumental groups around. Two recent additions have improved both their instrumental and vocal performance.

Russell Moore

The Campground

The Boxcars
Adam Steffey

Adam Steffey is recovering from surgery, but should be back in top form by the time the Boxcars come to Sertoma. The Boxcars have won several national awards and are recognized as one of the top instrumental groups around. Keith Garrett's singing and songwriting as contemporary songs to a traditional sound. Harold Nixon on bass and vocal harmony is little noticed, but would be sadly missed. He's a bass player's bass player.

Harold Nixon

Photo: Tampa Bay Times

Nothin' Fancy

Nothin' Fancy is always entertaining and fresh. They never repeat a show and by now have over twenty years of material in their catalog to call upon. With very low turnover, they are a close knit team that works together as only deep familiarity can. Jesse Smathers at guitar and tenor vocals is the newest member, and a huge musical and comic addition.

The Vocal Trio
Jesse Smathers, Tony Shorter, Mike Andes

The Tyler Williams Band

Tyler Williams, despite his handicaps, is not a novelty. His commitment to bluegrass music and the quality of his singing are real and worthy of hearing. A recent graduate of ETSU in the bluegrass program, he and his band belong in the lineup at many more events than they get. Along with Ashley Davis on fiddle, her's sure to please. Spend a few moments with him at the merch table to discover what a delightful young man he is.

Ashley Davis

Swinging Bridge

Swinging Bridge is a well-respected traditional bluegrass band from southwest Florida. They can be counted on to deliver and after the show to be found jamming in the field, welcoming others to join them. Bobby Martin is one of a creative and innovative banjo player, an unusual asset for a largely local band.
Bobby Martin

The Cotton Eyed Does

The Cotton Eyed Does are a local, largely all women band that describes themselves this way, "The Americana and Bluegrass band that brings engaging female harmonies and stage presence." 

The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snakes

The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snakes is a Florida-based bluegrass band out of Plant City. According to their publicity statement on Reverb Nation, "First all the songs on our site are live playing! No studio mixing here! This unique band came to fruition through local jamming. They aren’t afraid of alternative songs and traditional songs with a different flare. With a democratic approach to singing, they take advantage of the 3 singers in the band; their harmonies are solid and unique."

Trust in Him

This is a composite gospel band composed of members of Swinging Bridge and Hwy 41 South. It could provide a very pleasant surprise. 

The Details

TICKET PRICES Early-bird 4-Days $45.00 (ends March 28th, 2014) Advanced 4-Days $55.00 (ends March 2nd, 2015) 4 Day Gate $65.00 Wed. Free - Thurs. $10.00 - Fri. $30.00 - Sat. $30.00 - Sun. $5.00 Youth 10-15 years full 4-days $15.00 (Or $5 per day) 9 years & under free _________________________________________________________________________________CAMPING Hook ups (water & electric) $23.00 nightly - Dry camping $13.00 nightly _____________________________________________________________________________ Make Checks payable to: Ernie Evans 6143 Sabre Drive Jacksonville, FL 32244 


Jo Odum - Emcee

How to Get to Sertoma Youth Ranch
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We haven't been to Sertoma before, so the scene setting pictures and some of the band pictures were taken from web sites and from Google images. I'd like to thank the people who took these pictures. 

See you there!