Monday, July 7, 2008

Bluegrass Festival News - A New Resource

Festival goers and bluegrass music lovers have long sought a reliable resource to provide information about festivals and other events where they can go to hear bluegrass music played. In these days of economic peril, where decisions about attending an event have become more problematic because of the price of gasoline, Carol Goodwin has stepped up and offered a MySpace page that fills the bill. Bluegrass Festival News lists every festival Carol has been able to find or that she has been alerted to. Be sure to bookmark it and consult it regularly. Based on a chronological listing, Bluegrass Festival News provides names, dates, and locations of all the festivals Carol has been able to find along with links, where available, to allow fans to access more information. She has also requested that promoters and others who know of upcoming festivals she hasn’t yet listed contact her with information at Not content to catalog bluegrass festivals across the nation, Carol is also sending a Bulletin about all events in North Carolina to her MySpace friends. For anyone living in North Carolina or bordering states, this weekly listing can be an invaluable resource of local performances as well as festivals within the state.

Carol Goodwin

Carol Goodwin is a lot like many of us involved with bluegrass. She loves the music, and wanted to find ways to give back as well as to provide herself with a useful list of what was available for her to attend. Meeting her own interests in attending bluegrass events has morphed into a comprehensive list for all bluegrass fans. Not content with providing information, she has also formed a booking agency with partner Harry Dawson. The Tarheel Booking Agency currently represents Carolina Junction, Kickin’ Grass, No Strings Attached, and Nu Blue, all North Carolina Bands.

Carol is a working Mom and an empty nester with two sons, one a Marine on White House duty and the other about ready be on his own. For several years she has been caretaker for her grandmother who recently succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease (another interest of Carol’s) leaving her free for other pursuits. Her first bluegrass festival was Bass Mtn. back in the eighties, and it provides the background photo for her page. She dreams of following bluegrass week to week in a motor home. We first met Harry Dawson when he drove the bus for Carolina Road and again at various festivals. He’s Jamie Dawson of Kickin’ Grass’s dad, and Carol’s partner in the booking agency.

Carol Goodwin has taken on a big job and needs your help. To make her lists as comprehensive as possible, notify her of festivals around the country or events in North Carolina at this e-mail address: The more help she gets, the more valuable her site can be for all the rest of us.