Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MACC Children's Band

I've posted two albums from MACC of the MACC Children's Band here. One contains pictures from a rehearsal and the performance during Friday night's MACC Opry. The second album has pictures from Saturday morning's performance as well as the evening MACC Opry. The performance level of these kids was exceptional. As Darrel said from the stage, we have nothing to fear about the future of bluegrass as long as there are kids like these learning to pick and jam. I particularly want to thank my wife Irene for taking many of these pictures. Many times during this wonderful festival my time was stretched too thin, and Irene filled in with very good camera work. I've made the pictures moderately high resolution, so you may be able to download them to print them for yourself or to order prints from Google, but it may take a little longer for the albums to load. I don't make any money from these myself, and I'm not sure what it costs to order prints from one of the three providers Google suggests. I've never used Google albums before, but if this works out well, I may try to use them again. Please let me know how it works for you.