Thursday, October 2, 2008

IBMA 2008 - Live - Wednesday

As IBMA continued the attendance and intensity grew. Mentor sessions, the Gig Fair meat market, Showcase brunch, the exhibition hall, dinner at Demo's, more "Official" showcases, and "After Hours" showcases tumbled one on top of the other. The adage, repeated to us by several more experienced attendees, is that IBMA actually stands for "I've Been Mostly Awake." Here's a sampler of pictures from several venues.

Kitsy Kuykendall, Mark Schatz, Tom T. Hall at Brunch

Jim Lauderdale

Lonesome River Band Brunch Showcase
Becky Buller, Valerie & Craig Smith
w/Mary Daub and Mary Burdette (?) of Grey Fox
at Gig Fair

Roger Williams & Andy Hall

Donna Ulisse

Young Turks at Nechville Booth
Jerry Douglas at Beard Booth

Andy Hall Sitter at the Master's Feet

Hunter Berry, Jamie Johnson, Aaron McDaris
Jere Cherryholmes, Alan Mills, Sandy Leigh Cherryholmes & Jeri Butler
w/Sami Butler

Mr. Roberts in Mrs. Roberts Booth

Si Kahn, Jens Kruger, & Joel Landsburg in Deering Booth

Pete Kuykendall - Founder of Bluegrass Unlimted

Miss Dixie Hall at Daughters of Bluegrass Rehearsal

Special Concensus at Showcase
Greg Cahill - IBMA President

Kathy Mattea

Eddie Biggerstaff

Steve Gulley

Phil Leadbetter

We're beginning to run down with another day of the conference to go and then two days of Fan Fest after that. Stay tuned for more, if I can stay tuned in myself.