Tuesday, October 7, 2008

IBMA - Kids on Bluegrass

On Friday morning at the IBMA Fan Fest, dozens of kids all under age 18 got on the stage and reassured the audience that the future of bluegrass music is in good hands. In twenty minutes or so, they played bluegrass standards, sang, and moved on stage with enthusiasm and skill. I took too many pictures to post them on this blog, so here's a link: Kids on Bluegrass Album. You may view this album and download any or all pictures you wish for your own use. Unfortunately, I don't believe you can download the entire album at once. If you decide to use any of these pictures on web sites or your MySpace or Facebook pages, I do ask that you give me a photo credit and include a link to my blog. Otherwise, you are free to use these pictures in any way you wish. You may crop them or tweak them as you wish. Enjoy them. You did a wonderful job. Your parents and bluegrass music in general can be proud of you. - Ted