Friday, September 2, 2011

Dumplin' Valley Bluegrass Festival - Kodak, TN - Preview

The twelfth annual Dumplin' Valley Bluegrass Festival will run from September 15 - 17 at the Dumplin' Valley Campground in Kodak, TN.  Promoters Joe and Mitzi Soward know how to produce a bluegrass festival that's fan friendly, filled with jamming and great bands. The lineup is varied and interesting, running from the traditional through two of the great show bands to gospel, and cutting edge. This is a balanced lineup leaning toward the traditional side with plenty to please just about everyone.

New to Dumplin' Valley
When Monroeville spun off from its previous gig, people wondered what was up. Those who've had the pleasure of hearing this new band play since then know there's a new star on the horizon well worth keeping an eye on.  Playing a range of hard driving bluegrass from deeply traditional to more progressive, the band offers fine musicianship and first rate original writing.  Seth Taylor, on guitar, won both the guitar and banjo contests in the same year at RenoFest. Daniel Salyer is a fine singer/songwriter with a hit song recorded by LRB.  Matthew Munsey pulls it all together.  Don't miss this talented and original band.

Daniel Salyer & Matthew Munsey

Seth Taylor

Little Roy & Lizzie Show

Little Roy Lewis is a veteran entertainer who toured with The Lewis Family, members of the IBMA Hall of Fame, for over fifty years.  A consummate entertainer, as a gospel performer, he has broadened his repertoire to include traditional bluegrass while touring with Lizzie Long, the protege he helped raise since early childhood. A couple of years of hard touring have helped Lizzie sharpen her emcee and singing talents, while she has always been a multi-instrumental wizard.  An audience never knows what Little Roy will do next, or what Lizzie will try to do to control his antic comedy. Good fun from this band.

Lizzie Long

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins has long been a banjo players banjo player. He has shown his stuff as a member of the super-band Longview.  However, he has, generally remained a regional mid-western band because of his commitment to tending his business interests in southern Ohio.  Nominated this year at IBMA for Emerging Band of the Year, Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers have stepped onto a broader stage and been welcomed for their hard driving, traditional bluegrass music seasoned with a strong gospel strain.  The band is tight  and very strong.

Joe Mullins

The Darrell Webb Band

Darrell Webb has long been recognized for his blazing instrumentals and high lonesome vocals in a series of bands including Wildfire, of which he was a founding member, Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper,  and, more recently, The Mashville Brigade. He's now fronting his own band and making significant progress in this difficult economy.  Surrounded by a strong group of his musical and personal cronies, the band is lively and enjoyable.

Darrell Webb

The Quebe Sisters
at IBMA Fan Fest w/Mark Newton

Western Swing has long been a staple within the offerings of many bluegrass bands. "How many of you'd like to hear a little Western Swing?" is a question often heard from the stage and always welcomed strongly. This fiddle dominant (there are three of them) group of attractive sisters, hailing from Texas, The Quebe (pronounced Kway-be) sisters feature blazing fiddles and fine three part harmonies.  Their influences include western swing, jazz-pop standards, the Andrews and McGuire sisters, Hot Rize and much more.  This is a change-of-pace band bluegrass fans will come to hear and stay to cherish.

Sophia Quebe

Rhonda Vincent
Lou Reid & Carolina

Christy Dowell Reid

Rhonda Vincent and The Rage
Lou Reid &Carolina
The Quebe Sisters Band
Joe Mullins &The Radio Ramblers
Jimbo Whaley & Greenbriar

Jimbo Whaley & Freddie Smith

Jamie Dailey

Darrin Vincent
Darin & Brooke Aldridge

Daily & Vincent
Balsam Range
Darin & Brooke Aldridge
Jerry Butler & The Blu-J's
Bluegrass Brothers

Balsam Range

Buddy Melton

Jerry Butler

Bluegrass Brothers
Victor Dowdy
Donny Dowdy

Covered Stage Area

You can see the actual daily schedule on the Festival blog here


Advance ticket sales ended on September 1st.   Tickets at the gate are $85 for the entire festival or $25 for Thursday and $30 each for Saturday and Sunday.  For further information call 865-397-7942. Camping at Dumplin' Valley costs $20 a night with water and electric. Camping slots are usually fully booked before the festival begins, but there may be some primitive sites still available. Call to confirm.

 How to Get to Dumplin' Valley

The Scene

Dumplin' Valley is family friendly and fan friendly. There's lots of jamming, excellent vendors, and friendly people who attend. The covered stage assures being able to enjoy a dry festival, regardless of the weather outdoors.  Located in East Tennessee near the Smokey Mountains, it provides lovely vistas and great music. This is an event you really shouldn't miss.  See you there.