Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gibsons and Larry Stephenson at Berryville, VA - Preview

The Gibson Brothers and the Larry Stephenson Band will present a concert at the Johnson - Williams Middle School in Berryville, VA on Saturday, January 14th at 7:00 PM. While the concert is nearly sold out, promoter Frank Jurney tells me there are a few seats left.  If you can still get in, this concert will prove to be very satisfying. If you can't, take a look at the rest of the concert series, and sign up now.  The Berryville concert series has not fallen into a convenient slot for us to attend for five years, much to our loss. The auditorium is pleasant, the sound very good, and vibe terrific. We're looking forward to being there a week from Saturday.

The Larry Stephenson Band

Larry Stephenson is a native Virginian, a member of the Virginia Country Music Hall of Fame whose career started more than twenty years ago in the rich bluegrass environment near Washington, D.C. spending over five years with The Bluegrass Cardinals before eventually setting out on his own and moving to Nashville.  Larry has long been recognized for his crystal clear, sweet tenor voice and his ability to interpret a range of traditional bluegrass songs. Backing his strong vocal and instrumental work on the mandolin is a fine band, now featuring the great Kenny Ingram on banjo. Ingram, a veteran of Lester Flatt & Nashville Grass as well as Jimmy Martin's band brings great continuity with bluegrass's second generation along with fine banjo work and vocal harmonies.  Kevin Richardson on guitar is a fine contemporary flat-picker as well as an excellent singer in his own right.  Danny Stewart, Jr. has recently joined the band on bass after graduating from ETSU.  Larry Stephenson recently signed with the prestigious Compass Records, and his new CD will be released soon. The song "Give This Message to Your Heart" with Dailey & Vincent was recognized as IBMA Recorded Performance of the Year in 2010 on Larry's latest CD 20th Anniversary.  He has recorded over twenty albums. 

Larry Stephenson

Kenny Ingram

Kevin Richardson

Danny Stewart, Jr.

The Gibson Brothers
Accepting IBMA Album of the Year Award

The Gibson Brothers have just completed the most successful year in their career, having been awarded IBMA Album of the Year for their CD Help My Brother as well as being named Vocal Group of the Year. They've achieved "instant success" after twenty hard working years on the road during which their last seven CD's have reached #1 on the Bluegrass Unlimited charts. The brothers are most noted for their superb brother harmonies and, now, award winning song writing.  Their song selection, however, also deserves close attention. Using songs from rockers like Tom Petty and country singers like Merle Haggard they still root themselves deeply in the bluegrass tradition. Their own song writing is distinctive, contemporary, and deeply felt. Songs of family history, longing for lost social values, the demands of the road, and the costs of lost love tell stories in complex yet accessible language.  Originating from a small farm near the Canadian border in upstate New York, they have established themselves as a national and, now, international musical presence.  
Sidemen Mike Barber on bass, Clayton Campbell on fiddle, and Joe Walsh on mandolin are each significant soloists in their own right. Walsh's two solo CD projects are especially notable.  

Mike Barber
Joe Walsh
Clayton Campbell

Leigh Gibson

Eric Gibson

This will be a very enjoyable evening of traditional and more contemporary bluegrass music featuring two fine, award winning bands whose style and presentation are markedly contrasting and highly entertaining.  Also, consider subscribing for next year's series of concerts.  These events are well designed and carefully crafted to provide the maximum in entertainment value.

How to Get to the Berryville Concert Series