Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MACC 2012 - Tuesday: It Doesn't Just Happen

We pulled into the Hoover-Y Park at about 2:30 PM, having driven from Bellefonte, PA after checking into our Hotel room, surprised to find a hot tub in the middle of our room, replete with white terry cloth bathrobes and huge towels. Never has an amenity been more wasted on a room's occupants than this expensive storage space will be! At the Park, volunteers have been working since Thursday to prepare for the crowd to start arriving on Sunday. During the off season, promoter Darrell Adkins and a staff of volunteer electricians have installed a number of 30 amp hookups, much desired and easily sold out to people who know they will want to run their air conditioners during the weekend. By the time we get there, a substantial number of campers have arrived. Pete, the electrician wizard is busy making sure everyone has service. Other people are putting up signs, while the vendors are setting up their carts. It's a busy yet controlled scene where people know their jobs and Darrell puts out fires with a firm and consistent manner. It feels like home as we greet many people we haven't seen in a year.

Pete Peterson - Electrician Extrordinaire

Stan & Lynn Butler &  Brian Lee

 Preparing the Stage

The MACC is a family affair for the Adkins family, in a festival dedicated to their late daughter Mandy for the benefit of St. June Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.  It's also a family event for volunteers and musicians, who bring their families and enjoy each other's company throughout the weekend.  Brandon Rickman (Lonesome River Band) and his wife Amy are here already with their two young children along with Amy's parents. Clay Hess, his wife Samantha, and his son Brennan arrive during the afternoon, too. Everyone is hot, tired, and enjoying the company of old friends. Meanwhile, out in the field the jams are beginning to organize and people are ready for all the joys that a large, active festival entails. 

Chair Go Down Early

...And Are Prepared for Any Weather

 A Reunion of an Annual Jam

Family & Friends
Brenda Butler with Chet Rickman 

Brandon & Briar Rickman


 Chet with his Grandmother

Amy Rickman
And so it begins.....More tomorrow when the music starts.