Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival 2012 - Friday

I took an early morning walk around the campground to explore nooks and crannies I hadn't seen before. All kinds of rigs are scattered around the grounds in various configurations. Mornings at Dumplin Valley are relaxed as the music doesn't usually start until noon, giving people a chance to enjoy a little quiet time, jam, cook, clean, and relax.

The Little Roy & Lizzy Show

Lizzy Long has come into her own as a comedienne, multi-instrumentalist, emcee, and leader in the Little Roy and Lizzy show, while Little Roy Lewis, at age seventy, continues to hearken back to the days of the minstral show and vaudeville and still add new twists and turns to his performance. Performing today on banjo, guitar, fiddle, and slide guitar, Lizzy showed her versatility and ability while also playing the foil to Little Roy's slapstick humor and adding a bit of her own. Working with a younger and more willing cast of characters, Little Roy seems to be freed to expand his repertoire. It's a winning combination.

Lizzy Long

Nathan Stewart

Lizzy Long

Al Hoyle

Lisa Hoyle

Lizzy Long

Little Roy Lewis

 The Crowe Brothers

The Crowe Brothers, like the members of Balsam Range, come Haywood County, North Carolina. They bring a very traditional bluegrass style of brother harmony, which some say is strongly influenced by the Louvin Brothers. Josh Crowe on guitar and his brother Wayne on bass deliver the singing, while Steve Sutton on banjo is an old pro and a wonderful stylist.  Brian Blaylock is strong on mandolin. 

Josh Crowe

Wayne Crowe

Brian Blaylock

Steve Sutton

Josh Crowe

Tina & Adam Steffey with Riley and A.P.

 Mickey McNabb's Jam Tent


If you haven't heard or heard of Monroeville yet, you will soon. And most likely you're going to like what you hear. Using a name that shows their respect for and the influence of  the founder, the band plays bluegrass standards and then treats you to the writing of two talented singer songwriters, Daniel Salyer and Eli Johnston, as well as playing grassed versions of swing, rock, and Latino-influenced music that both surprises and pleases. These young, disciplined musicians are filled with energy and likeability. Look for them and give them a listen on YouTube. 

Mathew Muncey

 Zane Petty

Travis Houch

Daniel Salyer

Matt Flake

Eli Jonston

The Steffeys & Emcee Freddy Smith

Emceen Freddy Smith of WDVX

Balsam Range

Balsam Range has emerged as one of the most exciting bands on tour today. Still limited in exposure due to their all having day jobs in their Haywood County homes in North Carolina, their three very fine CD's have had wide exposure and they are frequently heard on Sirius/XM satellite radio. With Buddy Melton returned on fiddle after a near fatal farm accident last spring occaisioned extensive reconstructive surgery to save his life, the band is moving ahead on its upward trajectory.  The band is filled with strength at every position and yet maintains a totally ensemble sound that is always exciting. Adam Steffey filled in for Darren Nicholson this weekend on mandolin.  See this band if you have a chance.  Bradley Walker, 2007 Male Vocalist of the Year at IBMA, made guest appearances with Balsam Range and Rhonda Vincent.

Buddy Melton

Tim Surrett

Adam Steffey

Mark Pruett

Caleb Smith

 Bradley Walker & Buddy Melton

 Rhonda Vincent & the Rage w/Bradley Walker

Rhonda Vincent remains the consummate entertainer, relentlessly touring and seemingly always fresh, energetic, friendly, and upbeat. That she maintains the pace and energy is truly a triumph of will and careful management of her resources. Surrounding herself with a multi-talented band of men who are fine musicians and solid entertainers themselves, her performances are always well and enthusiastically attended. Today she welcomed guests to the stage as well as continued her round of tomfoolery with Lizzy Long in a friendly contest to top each other with pranks and fun. She's smart enough to always leave her audiences wanting more.

 Rhonda Vincent

Hunter Berry

Aaron McDaris

Mickey Harris

Brent Burke

Ben Helsen

Rhonda Vincent & Promoter Joe Soward

Rhonda Vincent with guest Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker, Joe Soward, Sally V. Berry, Rhonda Vincent

Silliness with Rhonda, Lizzy & Little Roy

 Rhonda Vincent

Today will be another great day at Dumplin Valley. No blogging tomorrow, but come back on Monday for Saturday and a wrap up.