Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gail Wade at WDVX

Knoxville Visitor Center & WDVX

In a heavy rain, we drove down to the Knoxville Visitor Center at 301 S. Gay Street to see Gail Wade play the Blue Plate Special on WDVX radio at noon.  We missed the free parking lot next door, but look for it when you visit. Be sure to sign in at the desk to get the free pass for two hours parking to put on your dashboard.  WDVX is a listener supported community radio station broadcasting locally at 98.9 and streaming worldwide online. The Blue Plate Special is a daily live radio program from the small performance stage at the Visitor Center. Each day musicians from the area or national musicians traveling through or performing nearby perform. There's seating there and a good chance to see and hear some fine We ran into our friend Jonathan Manness, a fine guitar player, who currently is working at the station, who gave us a tour. Here's a look backstage at the WDVX studios.

Visitor Center Coffee Bar

Knoxville Visitor Center

Blue Plate Special Control Room

Some of the Collection

WDVX Chicken at Rest

The Wrong Omar

 Joey Shaheen, a singer/songwriter performing as The Wrong Omar, is from Minneapolis, MN. He's an engaging personality who's songs are generally story-telling pieces reflecting on his experience. You can hear some of his work and learn more about him here.

Program Emcee (?)

Audience at Blue Plate Special

Gail Wade

Gail Wade, making her second appearance on The Blue Place Special, after a successful gig at Bristol Rhythm & Roots last weekend, is a deeply affecting singer/songwriter from Connecticut who is well-known in the region as a solo performer as well as a member of her blue grass band Turning Point. She also serves on the staff of a number of children's academies at bluegrass festivals. You can listen to some of her work here:


Gail's song "I Like a Train" won the song contest at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival a couple of years ago. Her new song "Anna's Owl" brought tears to both Irene's eyes and mine, a beautiful song about her mother-in-law's struggle to establish her independence after the loss of her husband. Gail's rich voice, warm personality, and comfortable presentation reach out to listeners who can't miss her full effect.


Gail Wade

How to Find WDVX and the Knoxville Visitors Center

Gail Wade