Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gibson Brothers in Lenoir, NC - April 5

The Gibson Brothers will be performing at the J.E. Broyhill Center in Lenoir, NC on Friday April 5, 2013 at 7:30 PM. With a new CD "They Called It Music" hot off the presses and receiving air play everywhere as well as rave reviews on line (Jim Bourey on his blog, Dave Morris in Bluegrass Today, and Jim's Roots & Blues) the 2012 IBMA Entertainer of the Year as well as 2011 Vocal Group of the Year is set to continue their phenomenal success, earned after twenty years of honing their singing, songwriting, and style into the clearest and most recognizable in contemporary bluegrass. I talked with the box office this morning, and there are still plenty of good seats available in the 1000 seat auditorium. This is a great opportunity to see one of the foremost groups in bluegrass music today. Don't miss it.

The release of They Called It Music is the eleventh recording by The Gibson Brothers. The last seven have soared to the number one spot on the Bluegrass Unlimited charts, where they have often remained for months. Noted for their brother harmony sound, exceptional song writing and selection, and entertaining patter from the stage, this group from upstate New York has achieved remarkable recognition in the past few years. The title song of this album, They Called It Music, much of their special quality. The Gibsons, in their choice of songs through the years, have transcended labels. Although they are not "in your face" kinds of guys, this song is a pleas for direct and real response to the songs themselves rather than for categorization into a specific genre.

The Gibson Brothers - They Called It Music - Video

Supported by a band which features superb musicians at every position, the Gibson Brothers make demands on their audience for careful listening and their sidemen for creative musicianship. Joe Walsh, a creative contributor on the mandolin seems to throw in just the right phrase or lick that makes the audience sit up and ask "Where did that come from?" while never breaking the flow of a song. Clayton Campbell at fiddle, whether he's soloing or providing backup never plays a note that doesn't fit. His soaring tones often raise him to his tip toes as he reaches for higher plateaus. Mike Barber, on bass, has been with the band since its inception, and is often referred to as the third Gibson Brothers. He's strength is sometimes underestimated as he's not flashy with the bass, but Eric and Leigh have made him co-producer of several of the albums, testifying to his deep importance to the band.  Eric Gibson says that the band members are so good "they don't have to show all they know" on the record to make it come out right.

Joe Walsh

Clayton Campbell

Mike Barber

Eric and Leigh Gibson, born within eleven months of each other, are part of the rich musical tradition of New England and upstate New York reaching back into the early days of bluegrass in the late forties and early fifties.  People often ask us, "Do they have bluegrass up there?" Dan Tyminski, Peter Rowan, Bill Keith, Pete Wernick and David Peterson come immediately to mind as homegrown bluegrass musicians, but there's been cross pollination between New York and New England and the rest of the country since the earliest days.  There's no irony in the Gibson Brothers taking bluegrass music to North Carolina.

Eric Gibson

Leigh Gibson

The J. E. Civic Broyhill Center
The Broyhill Center is a 1000 seat modern auditorium in Lenoir, NC. Tickets may be purchased here at $15.00 per adult and $8.00 for children.  We've never been there, but the picture suggests there isn't a bad seat in the house and that sound may be really good.

How to Get to the Broyhill Center