Monday, March 4, 2013

Roscoe Canaday Memorial BGF at Waldo - 2013

I'm told that Dixieland Music/RV Park in Waldo, FL was once a pretty dreary place. New owners Greg and Michelle Griffis have turned it into a delightful place thoughtfully landscaped and well designed for a short stop, a longer term stay, or a music festival. They've teamed with Ernie and Debi Evans to increase the number and quality of bluegrass festivals held there. The March festival has been renamed after Roscoe Canaday, local picker and singer. The festival week ran from Sunday to Sunday with activities held on each day building to the weekend with good bands, both national and local as well as a few surprises.  Sadly, this festival seems to be snakebit by the weather, with the chill air affecting day attendance. The heaters helped keep temps within the enclosed pavilion bearable, and Greg tells me that two new heaters have been added, insuring that next year's event will be warm despite the weather. 


 Martin Guitar Certified Repair - Bill Anderson
Guitar Maintenance Workshop

Traffic Jam - Not Music Related

Jackie Hill & Blue Shades of Grass

Jackie Hill & Blue Shades of Grass is a local trio that makes a larger sound than you might expect. They're tuneful and lively.

Jackie Hill

Tommy Davis

 Lacey Murray

Jo Odom - Emcee

Orange & Bluegrass

 Orange & Bluegrass is a group of students from The University of Florida, less than twenty miles down the road from Waldo, who have banded together to form a bluegrass club. This was their first ever performance and they acquitted themselves well. They are more important for what they represent than what they have so far achieved. These are mostly kids who've been brought up in bluegrass families in Florida, chosen to attend State University, and are taking challenging majors leading to professional jobs. They've also chosen, given the broad choices a state university setting offers, to continue making bluegrass music together, spreading the word to fellow students while taking their fun and enthusiasm for bluegrass music on the road with them. They have selected tough, contemporary music as well as bluegrass standards to play.I Look for more from them in the future.

Amanda Anderson

Katie Rogers

Lee Townsend

Andy Garfield

Kaylee Dees

Tyler Swanson

The Roys

 I was worried about how the loss of guitarist Harry Clark might affect the sound of the Roys, who've decided not to replace him and improved the group. The smaller, tighter sound and look they've achieved has resulted in a more cohesive and bluegrassy performance. The Roys have become increasingly entertaining and more musical over the past few months with more to come.

Elaine Roy

Lee Roy

Matt Downing

Clint White

Royal Massat

Royal Massat & Lee Roy

Elaine & Lee Roy

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

Third Tyme Out is one of the most able and reliable bands touring bluegrass today. For twenty years they've had their ups and downs, but for the past several years they've been on an upward trajectory headed by the singing of Russell Moore as well as the depth and mastery of his role by each of the other men in the band. Even with Russell unable to sing recently because of laryngitis, they continue to entertain effectively. Bassman Edgar Loudermilk has taken on a greater role in lead singing with Dustin Pyrtle filling in on lead and harmony. Pyrtle will soon be joining Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.  Mandolinist Wayne Benson, with a new CD just out joining with Alan Bibey for a virtuoso double mandolin project, seemed more animated from the stage, doing his part, too, to fill in.  Steve Dilling continues to be one of the most engaging band emcees in the business, funny without needing to resort to silly jokes. His band introductions are priceless. Justen Haynes on fiddle is just plain good.

Russell Moore

Edgar Loudermilk

Steve Dilling

Justen Haynes

Dustin Pyrtle

Russell Moore & Wayne Benson

Russell Moore & Nonie Hale

 Rosalie Canaday

 Danny Stewart - Mandolin Workshop

Swinging Bridge

 Swinging Bridge, from Southwest Florida, put on a lively show with energy and good humor. Working effectively with single mic, their movement added life and their selection of covers was effective, especially when featuring JR Davis' solo singing.

JR Davis

Lonnie Meeker

Bobby Martin

Chris Bryson

Alan Colpits

Sound Provided by Jim & Carolyn Dunn

Ernie Evans & the Florida State Bluegrass Band

Promoters Ernie and Deb Evans were busy throughout the entire week, but found time for a brief performance on Saturday evening to play a few tunes and showcase a few musicians. Evans is an important voice in bluegrass not only through his work to strengthen this festival, but for his promotion of the music, individual musicians, and developing bands through his work on the radio and with the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, KY.  He has an active imagination and plenty of energy, not allowing setbacks to set him back. His enthusiasm is catching and his vision is broad.

Deb Evans

Billy Swinson



The Stevens Family

 The Stevens Family is a family band from West Virginia trying to make the leap to national attention. They have some things to learn in order to succeed in their goal. Volume and speed are no substitute for Earl Scruggs' precepts of tone, taste, and timing, which the band has yet to master. Furthermore, a band which begs for applause from the stage probably hasn't earned it. Their small claque of screaming fans certainly doesn't help them. Perhaps their role as a gospel band is more appropriate, where they can take full advantage of their mother Nancy's voice.

 Ben Stevens

J.W. Stevens

Luke Stevens

Sissy Stevens

Nothin' Fancy

 Nothin' Fancy's record of entertaining and interesting performance stands as a testament to a band which has made very few personnel changes in its twenty years of touring along with producing a steady stream of recorded work. Their catalog is deep, allowing them to vary the content of each performance, not settling into a highly repetitive niche. Meanwhile, a few of their bits are such fan favorites they cannot leave them out.  Their use of single mic and their movement on stage makes their entire show animated, lively and interesting. The supplemental instrument mics they rotate into keep the sound consistent and strong. Many other bands could benefit from a thoughtful study of their choreography. An appearance by Nothin' Fancy always draws in additional attendees.

Mike Andes

 Mitchell Davis

Tony Shorter

Justin Tomlin

Chris Sexton

 Sex Object Tony Shorter & Mike Andes

Mike Andes, Tony Shorter & Justin Tomlin

The Roscoe Canaday Memorial Bluegrass Festival at Dixieland Music/RV Park in Waldo, FL was a success, with a nearly sold out campground. Chill weather dampened the day attendance. This festival deserves fan support as it reaches for more and better.