Tuesday, September 24, 2013

IBMA World of Bluegrass - Monday

For the next five days, this blog will see, at best, limited posting. The World of Bluegrass here in Raleigh will be a feast of music, seminars, music, meetings, music, banquets, music, awards shows, and (did I mention it?) music, music, music. It's here that bluegrass comes to strut its stuff, network and grow together, make contacts for more bookings, buy and sell its wares, and more. The new location here in Raleigh presents new and unexpected opportunities as well as new and difficult to anticipate difficulties. The people and their commitment to the music will seize the opportunities and overcome the difficulties. I hope to use the smart phone and my camera to keep my readers in touch with what's going on, but I almost certainly will not have time (or energy) to post here with any depth or frequency. Keep in touch with what's going on in real time at my Facebook page and at Ted and Irene's Most Excellent Bluegrass Adventure on Facebook. I'll try to post as often as I can from there.

The IBMA Board Meeting

 The IBMA Board of Directors, representing all elements of the bluegrass community, met on Monday for an extended period of time. I dropped in to take this picture, but didn't stay long or listen much to what was going on. They've worked long and hard to develop policies and support the small professional staff that has day-to-day operational responsibility to be the most effective and well-oiled organization possible. Since bluegrass, like any organization composed of a diverse membership, has its problems and challenges, I'm sure this meeting was both interesting and engaging. Since I serve on just one committe of the Board (membership), I know a little bit about one of the Board's responsibilities. I can only imagine the larger picture, but I know it to be broad and comprehensive. The more we, as the membership, can support them and the organization by joining, volunteering, and working, the more effective our organization will be.

President Stan Zdonik

WAMU's Bluegrass Country. Org

WAMU is the NPR station for the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and through the medium of internet streaming, a worldwide voice. For forty years, it has also broadcast bluegrass music into the capital, and now the world. Some years ago, with the format changes affecting public radio, an independent public voice of WAMU-FM began broadcasting an all bluegrass format 24 hours a day  as Bluegrass Country. This week, they will be originating live broadcasts from Room 201 in the Raleigh Convention Center from noon until 3:00 PM EDT featuring 24 bands over the four days with an additional evening performance on Wednesday evening from WUNC, Raleigh's public radio station. Here's the complete schedule. All these broadcasts will be streamed live across the nation and throughout the world. Adjust your own listening to your time zone.

WAMU Staff and Friends
l - r: Bob Webster, Katy Daley, Chris Tesky, Russell Johnson (The Grass Cats), 
Lee Michael Demsey, Bill Foster, Ted Lehmann, Erin Stamper
Photo by Bluegrass Country Staff Photographer: Irene Lehmann
Chris Tesky - Station Manager

Bill Foster and Lee Michael Demsey

Katy Daley Working the Phone

The week kicks off today with morning registration and all kinds of activities. Take a look at the entire schedule here, and come on out if you're anywhere near or able to get here. Meanwhile, I'll try to check in when I can during the week, mostly on Facebook.