Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2013 - Tuesday

The Convention Center is Ready for Us

The 2013 IBMA World of Bluegrass Business Conference opened with a bang on Tuesday. Of course there were glitches, oversights, and some problems. The organization has moved to a new and different venue and redesigned the event to fit into the space it has. It's a courageous approach for an organization which must redefine itself to stay current with changes in our music, the business environment, and the world we live in.  A largely new staff is learning on the job. An ambitious city is helping and providing a larger and more experienced staff, but one with little knowledge of the bluegrass sub-culture. This year will be something of an experiment, but the event will mature during the week and next year take advantage of all it has learned. Who can ask for more.  What follows is an impression of Tuesday's events with very little commentary. I'll have plenty to say about it all next week.

Katy Daley Embraces Sir Walter Raleigh

The Staff of Bluegrass Today in It's Press Room

WAMU's Bluegrass Country Live Broadcast
Mike Munford of Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
Banjo Player of the Year Nominee 

Frank Solivan - Mutiple IBMA Nominations

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road

Jim Hurst

Kevin Richardson - KRACE

Janet McGrory & Serge

Kathy Kallick

Dustin Benson & Greg Cahill

Jon Weisberger 
Newly Installed IBMA President

Bill Knowland

Audience for Noam Pikelny's Keynot Address

Noam Pikelny Delivering Keynote

Stray Birds

The Steel Wheels

Lincoln Theater
Brooke Aldridge

Darin & Brook Aldridge