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Florida State Bluegrass Festival - Perry, FL - Preview

The Forest Capital State Park in Perry Florida has one of the most beautiful stages anywhere in bluegrass. Set in a lovely park with reconstructed cracker buildings and a museum, The Florida State Bluegrass Festival (April 5, 6 and 7) is sponsored by the Taylor County Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the music, Saturday will feature a Miss Moon Pie contest as well as one of our favorite features,  not found at any other event we attend. The Chili Cook-Off is a contest which you have the power to influence. You can register to be a taster/voter for $5.00, entitling you to taste a couple of dozen different versions of the an American staple: Chili. Tasty and fun!

The Music
Lonely Heartstring Band

The Lonely Heartstring Band has quickly risen in the bluegrass world from their beginnings several years ago as a Beatles bluegrass cover band created for a wedding while they were still students in the Boston area. Now, several years later, this band can be counted on for its close harmonies, inventive songs written from within the band, and interpretations of rock songs that are both eerily familiar and wonderfully inventive, put in a new bluegrass package where they seem perfectly at home. If you haven't seen this band, infrequently heard in Florida, don't miss this performance.

Lonely Heartstring Band - Graceland

Nothin Fancy

Nothin' Fancy has established a consistent record of high level entertainment combined with plenty of good natured fun that has captured a large fan base while spreading good cheer. After over twenty years of touring, three of the original members remain, insuring consistency, while the Cox brothers, Caleb and James, have added vocal and instrumental strength to this always popular band. Their Country Gentlemen covers are still a much valued mainstay as are songs written from within the band. 

Nothin Fancy - Andersonville

Annabelle Lyn

The Adventures of Annabelle Lynn are a trio of able singers spreading song from their base state capital, Tallahassee. Weaving elements of folk and Americana together into the story of a character who is them (they?). We heard them for the first time last year at the Bluegrass Classic, and found them captivating. You will, too!

The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn - If Luck Be Your Lady

David Adkins

Dave Adkins is a powerful singer and interpreter of both classic country and bluegrass songs who also writes a pretty mean ditty himself. Because of a shoulder injury, the very capable Mitchell Brown has been replaced by the personable and effective Ray Cardwell, who fits right in, David Freeman has been added on mandolin. By selecting a deeply experienced and reliable group of Nashville pros as his backup band, Adkins has added a strong element of professionalism to his show. Adkins is always a personable and upbeat addition to any lineup.

The Dave Adkins Band - Lonesome River

Mountain Faith

Brook McMahan & Mountain Faith catapulted itself, and bluegrass music, to national attention by reaching the finals of America's Got Talent a couple of years ago. Since then, they have experienced a number of personnel changes and kept on developing their repertoire and broadening their appeal. They've been regulars at Evans Media Source events for several years. 

Mountain Faith - Feelin' Blue

The Details:

The Florida State Bluegrass Festival in Perry is one of the great bluegrass bargains. Sponsored by the Taylor County Chamber of Commerce, a three day pass, in advance, costs $25.00, while day passes cost $5.00/20,00 and $25.00 at the gate. There is limited camping, Call Dawn Taylor at the Chamber of Commerce (850)584-5366 for reservations and tickets. There are also several commercial campgrounds in the vicinity.

The Park features a museum showing typical cracker housing from the nineteenth century, with interesting reconstructions and displays.

How to Get to Perry
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I understand that camping spaces are sold out. Several other camping options are available nearby as well as local motels. This festival has an attractive and varied lineup, a pleasant environment with plenty going on around the campus. For snowbirds headed north, this festival offers a good interlude, even though it's the beginning of the trip. 

See you there!

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