Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Internet on the Road

YeeHaw Junction is pretty much Internet Hell. It’s located in the middle of Florida cattle country, surrounded by large pastures and citrus groves. The junction once was a stop on the long gone railroad; now it’s an exit on the Florida Turnpike about 35 miles west of Vero Beach. The bluegrass festival at YeeHaw Junction has a great lineup, a gregarious and professional promoter, and plenty of fans who come from the immediate area as well as around the country for this event. Into this happy, but electronics deprived zone has come Tom Mason to deliver Internet connections to thirty happy campers as well as to sell satellite links for Internet and television receivers. Tom and his wife Fran operate Management Assistance, Inc. from their home in Grafton, OH as well as from their Eagle Coach as they travel to a variety of festivals and other events around the country. Their primary product is HughesNet 7000 satellite dishes complete with all the equipment needed to operate from an RV on the road for $1295.00 plus monthly service fee from HughesNet. The system comes complete with antenna, tripod, pointing system, modem, router, and cables, as well as 24 hour support.

Servicing RVers at festivals isn’t the central element of Mason’s business, but it gives him the chance to build business while being able to listen to great bluegrass music. He also offers network support, is a Microsoft and Intel OEM provider, builds systems and servers, supports small businesses, libraries, and school systems. His company also provides emergency management services to government agencies. They currently have a large account in Kansas as well as a county in West Virginia. Recently they’ve worked, in addition to bluegrass festivals, the Family Motorcoach Association annual rally, other RV shows, and Escapees get-togethers. They also sell a very compact dish receiver ideal for RVers living in cramped spaces or under weight restrictions

Tom and Fran travel in a well-appointed Eagle Coach he bought in Florida, and recently featured on the
cover of Bus Conversion Magazine, where it was deemed sexy enough to serve as the centerfold. Look for them next time you’re at a festival or RV event.

They’re truly personable folks and fun visit with.