Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tut Taylor and Kruger Brothers Benefit

Tut Taylor

Tut Taylor called from his hospital room in Wilkesboro, where he’s recovering from an infection, to tell about a benefit concert to be held at the Peace Haven Baptist Church in Wilkesboro on February 23rd. The concert will benefit his granddaughter Melissa Dyer who needs a kidney transplant. All donations will be matched by the Georgia transplant organization (associated with the National Kidney Association) up to a total of $10,000. Admission will be free and donations will be taken at the door.

Performers will be the Kruger Brothers and Tut Tayler with special guests Maynard Holbrook and David Taylor. There will also be a raffle to which a Tennessee Crafters Guitar has been donated by Mark Taylor. Tickets will sell for $5.00 or three for $10.00. Tut says that people not able to attend can send him the donations and he’ll purchase tickets in their name. There will be two shows and the guitar will be drawn during the intermission. Send donations or requests for raffle tickets to Tut’s home at:

808 Old 60
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Admission to the event will be free, and donations will be accepted. Make checks payable to the Melissa Dyer Kidney Fund. Funds raised will help assure that Melissa is able to sustain care and medication after the transplant occurs.

Tut particularly asked me to let his friends know that as soon as he gets home from the hospital he'll set too and answer all the e-mails he's received. He's most grateful for the concern and support his friends have expressed.

Jens Kruger

Joel Landsburg

Maynard Holbrook

Lee and Tut Taylor