Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Portfolio - Ring in the New

Happy New Year! With the new year I present a group of young pickers who, if you haven't already seen and heard them, you'll be encountering them soon. I've tried to keep my list mostly to pickers under twenty years of age. Again, the list is not exhaustive, being limited to people I've heard, seen, and photographed. Nevertheless, I think it provides a representitive picture of what you might expect in the future.

Jarrod and Tyler Walker (Bluegrass Parlor Band)

Josh Pinkham

Molly Kate Cherryholmes

Ryan Holladay

Sierra Hull

Jason Davis

Katie and Clint Wilson (Wilson Family Band)

The Lovell Sisters

Cory Walker

Jayme Booher

All pictures by Ted Lehmann, reproduce with permission only