Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jam Camp - Wilkes Acoutis Folk Society - Wednesday

Pete (Dr. Banjo) Wernick

On Wednesday at Jam Camp the jams become more self-motivating and better organized. Stronger groups meet together to develop songs and being planning for the Jam Camp Opry, a major feature of early Thursday afternoon. Pete had time to do several special purpose sessions on problems like stage fright, singing, and bluegrass history. We also sang a song to Pete's wife, Joan, who is ill in Colorado and couldn't make it to camp or Merlefest this year. We practiced a song and then sang it to her over the phone. Technology! It also occurred to me to take pictures of some of the family groups at camp. I'll post some today and try to get the rest up tomorrow. I left camp to go to the Wilkes Folk Society jams on the Merlefest campus. As the week has gone on, increasing numbers of people show up and yesterday was highlighted by the Kruger Brothers coming down to jam with their friends and anyone else wanting to sit in. I'm always deeply impressed by how encouraging and open they are to musicians of any skill level sitting in and playing with them. Their respect for others and the music set an example for every jammer at any festival.

Jam Camp

Breakfast at Camp

Sandra Herring & Gary Gaddy

Patrick & Rick Gentry
Rick & Chris Saenz

Joan Newman & Fran Herfurth (mother - daughter)

Jam Camp Group Photo

Solitary Practice



Bunkhouse Jams

Camp Harrison at Herring Ridge

Wilkes Acoustic Folk Society Jam
Wilkes Community College

Jens Kruger

Uwe Kruger

Joel Landsburg

Keri from Finland

Singer/Songwriter Wil Maring

Lee & Tut Taylor