Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Merlefest 2009 - Jam Camp & Campus Jam

The Scene

We're very busy. Pete Wernick's Jam Camp starts out at the YMCA Camp at Camp Harrison at Herring Ridge at 9:00 AM every day and runs 'til well after 5:00. I'm trying to be a good camper, an active participant, and a photographer/chronicler simultaneously. As soon as camp is over for the day, we head down to the Wilkes Community College campus for the evening jams sponsored by the Wilkes Acoustic Folk Society each evening. For the three days preceding Merlefest, jammers well known or local guys who can pick like fire come down. Everyone is welcome and there are circles spread out around the large traditional tent as well as the smaller tents nearby. People get their instruments out and sit down in the circles. Others wander around listening to music being made as it has been in these hills since people first lived here - informally and for the entertainment of the participants at least as much as for those watching. The large professional performances will start on Thursday. Meanwhile, the past and future of acoustic and bluegrass music gather just to pick and enjoy each other's company. The pictures I'm posting today represent a sample of both scenes. I'll probably wait until both events are well finished to write much more than brief introductions. Meanwhile, enjoy the scene.

Jam Camp
Pete Wernick Teaching

Scott Freeman - Jam Camp Staff

Steve Lewish - Jam Camp Staff

Jam Camp Opening Session




Pete & Steve Teaching

Lunch - Always Delicious at Herring Ridge
Ted Hagaman - Merlefest Director

John Adair - Merlefest Staff


Steve Lewis Coaching



Jamming on Campus
Wilkes Acoustic Folk Society

Billy Ray Summerline

Tut Taylor

Steve Barker

Young Picker & Teacher Steve Kilby

Big Stu - Forum Administrator
Lynn Swaim & Jam Camper Connie Hickey

Lynn with Tut Taylor Decorated Case

Lee Taylor

Tut's Jam

Tut & Friend

Rocky-Bluesy Jam

Still More