Sunday, April 26, 2009

Merlefest 2009 - Saturday

Saturday was hot, reaching into the nineties, and the evening was mild a pleasant. The music continued and there are lots of highlights. I'll post the highlights for us. Look for a Sunday post and then a couple of wrap ups during the week.

T. Michael Coleman, Jack Lawrence, Tony Williamson

Adessa Jorgensen

The Circuit Riders at Creekside

Darin Aldridge

Brooke Justice Aldridge

Jim Lauderdale - Special Guest

Chris Bryant

Randy Gambill


The Steeldrivers at Watson Stage Jam

John Cowan Band at Creekside

Jeff Autry
Creekside Crowd for Cowan

Tut Taylor's Stage - The Plaza

The Mayes Pit

Alberti Flea Circus

Phoebe Hunt - The Belleville Outfit at Creekside

Connor Forsyth

Mando Mania
Rebecca Lovell

Sierra Hull & Rebecca Lovell

Creekside Crowd for Mando Mania
Sam Bush

Mike Compton

Darin Aldridge

Alex Johnstone
Sierra Hull

Rebecca Lovell

Tony Williamson - Host -

Creekside Stage for Mandolin Central

Mandolin Mania Participants

Hillside Crowd for the Album Jam
Rolling Stone's Sticky Fingers

A Face in the Crowd

Doc Watson

Jack Lawrence

EmmyLou Harris and the Red Dirt Boys


Guest Sam Bush

The Sam Bush Band

Byron House

Scott Vestal

Steven Mougin & Sam

Sam's People