Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IBMA Fan Fest - Friday

Usually, when I post band pictures from a festival, I try to put pictures of each side man in every band on the blog. I believe that no band can reach a level of true excellence without a fully functioning set of bandsmen, no matter how dynamic and excellent the front man (or men or women) is (or are).  Because Fan Fest features so many bands each day and so much is going on outside the main stage, I feel obliged to limit the number of photographs in order to get the best possible coverage of the entire event given the fact there are only two of us taking pictures. For fans of particular bands or the sidemen themselves, please see this as an apology. I expect to get back to my practice of featuring whole bands and more extended commentary with the next bluegrass festival.  Meanwhile, I want to thank so many people who've made it easier for Irene and me to get the kinds of pictures we feature here.  Each of you has made us feel welcome and distinctly a part of this wonderful community.

Fan Fest is the third component of IBMA - World of Bluegrass. On Wednesday, as the Business Conference ended, and the two awards events took place, a significant number of attendees turned over, with many of the bookers, broadcasters, and others returned home and the number of fans increases significantly. This compositional change, however, has changed significantly because of the music pass's having made it less expensive for people wishing to attend for music alone. Furthermore, this year there was an increase in seminars and discussions, called Special Sessions for Fan Fest, that were attractive to fans and professionals alike.  These sessions continued to be well attended, as they had been at the Business Conference.  The number of very young pickers increased, too, partly because of Kids on Bluegrass and partly because the weekend had come.  Regardless of the reasons, there were swarms of kids picking everywhere during Fan Fest.  Fan Fest was produced again this year by Carl Jackson and Mark Newton with the assistance of literally dozens of volunteers staffing rooms all over the convention center.

 The Grascals
Terry Eldredge

Kristin Scott Benson
Banjo Player of the Year - tie
Jamie Johnson

Don Rigsby & Midnight Call
Don Rigsby & Midnight Call with Carl Jackson

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
Fiddle Player of the Year
Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year

Ashby Frank

Michael Cleveland

Charlie Lawson
Marty Raybon at his Merch Table
The Larry Stephenson Band

 Kenny Ingram
Larry Stephenson

Dreama & Larry Stephenson at their Merch Table

Mandolin Workshop
Emory Lester, Alan Bibey, David Harvey,
Sierra Hull, Jesse Brock

Darin & Brooke Aldridge

Darin & Brooke Aldridge with 
Superagent - Don Light

Bluegrass Today Roll-Out
Lindsay Marr & Publisher John Lawless
Balsam Range
Song of the Year

Marc Pruett
Buddy Melton
Bluegrass History
Bill Clifton, Harry Grant, Bill Knowlton, Al Hawkes
Banjo Workshop
Terry Baucom, Greg Cahill, Mark Johnson, Sammy Shelor

Ronnie Bowman & Adam Steffey Serve Pizza
to Kids on Bluegrass 

Steve Gulley - Grasstowne
Alan Bibey - Grasstowne
Skip Cherryholmes & Glen Harrell of Volume V

Blue Highway
Tim Stafford
Rob Ickes
Dobro Player of the Year
Samantha Snyder - Guest with Blue Highway

Zeb Snyder - Guest with Blue Highway
Garnet Imes Bowman
Ronnie Bowman

Larry Sparks

Jamming in the Convention Center Hallway

Skip Cherryholmes Quintet

 Randy Kohrs with Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale

 Larry Spakrs & Adam Steffey
Kenny Smith on Master's Workshop Stage
Audience for Kenny & Amanda Smith
Steep Canyon Rangers
Entertainers of the Year with Steve Martin
Nicky Sanders
Joey & Rory

Bradley Walker with Joey

The Boxcars
Emerging Artist of the Year
Instrumental Group of the Year
Adam Steffey
Mandolin Player of the Year
Ron Stewart
Banjo Player of the Year - tie
Joey & Rory with Doyle Lawson
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Carl White
Doyle Lawson

Mike Rogers

 Cory Hensley

 J.D. Crowe & Carl Jackson

Lonesome River Band

Sammy Shelor
Brandon Rickman

Peter Rowan & Don Rigsby

J.D. Crowe
Carl Jackson & Delnora Reed
Carl is Producer of the Mark Twain Project
Benefit for the
Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum

Marty Raybon

 Peter Rowan & Friends 
Tribute to Bill Monroe
Peter Rowan
Jenny Lynn Gardner & Don Rigsby
in Tribute to Bill Monroe
The Church Sisters
J.D. Crowe's Merch Table
Audie Blaylock & Redline
at WAMU Bluegrass Country.org
Live Radio Broadcast
Travers Chandler & Avery County
at WAMU's Bluegrass Country.org
Live Radio Broadcast
Jamming in the Hallway of the Convention Center
Daryl Anger, Becky Buller, Mark Simos
Modern Phone Music

Brenda & Lynn Butler
Super Fans & Friends
Jamming in the Hallway of the Convention Center
Peter Rowan's Tribute to Bill Monroe

 Peter Rowan with co-producers of Fan Fest
Carl Jackson & Mark Newton

IBMA's Fan Fest opened with enthusiasm on Saturday morning and built all day to the Peter Rowan Tribute to Bill Monroe.  The hallways were crowded as were all the seminars and workshops. There was jamming everywhere in the Convention Hall and lots of young people everywhere.