Friday, June 22, 2012

Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival 2012 - Thursday

Candi Mathews Sawyer & Lonnie Mathews

Thursday was a hot day. no other way to say it. The east coast lay under a blanket of heat and even central Vermont felt its effects. People found there own ways to keep cool, mostly by sitting in the river up to their necks. The music was fine, even though most people stayed away until the sun sank below the hills to the southwest of the beautiful Tunbridge fairgrounds. Evan Carl, seemingly recovered from his recent health problems was a lively emcee who kept things moving along nicely.

Evan Carl - Emcee

Mathew Sawyer sings National Anthem

Brenda Mathews and Friends

Dave Orlomoski

Gary Hutchins

 Seth Sawyer

Brenda Mathews

Michelle Canning & Rough Edges

Michelle Cannning has grown up at Jenny Brook, first as a member of Kids Camp, then as the promoter of the Grass Seeds Stage and now with her own band. Through the years she has matured, and with this band she has grown as a singer, on the banjo, and, perhaps most important, as the emcee in front of an audience. As she leaves for college (Morehead State in Kentucky) this fall, she's ready for a larger world.

Michelle Canning

David Atwood
Zoel Sawyer

Michelle Canning, Cosmo Cavicchio, Bob Dean

Michelle Canning

Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band offers an amusing and skillful change of pace to the procession of traditional bluegrass bands at a festival. Their use of humorous songs and byplay with Leroy Troy's evocation of Uncle Dave Macon in many of his banjo bits is enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, their act also attracts a rowdy and uncontrollable segment to the audience often ruining their show for others. 

Leroy Troy

Lester Armistead

Mike Webb

Ernie Sykes


Leroy Troy & Mike Armistead

Lonnie Mathews w/ Jug Band
1939 Ford

Washington County Line

Washington County Line is a New York State bluegrass band that won last year's Grass Seeds competition and was invited back for a paying gig this year. The band features tuneful covers of some newer and some classic bluegrass tunes with an almost folky sound. They're pleasant to listen to a do a fine job.

Darrell Smith

Steve Wood

 Andy Bing

Sean Quinn
Kenny Meyer

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice

There's lots of discussion about what bluegrass is. Trying to define it may define it out of  existence. But as long as there are bands like this, there really isn't any issue. Junior Sisk covers the classics, and, more imporatantly, he writes and selects contemporary songs having a traditional sound and feel about them better than almost anyone else around. His insistence on retaining his sound while reflecting the times is filled with authenticity. His voice and the quality of his band adds to it. Junior has paid his dues and worked hard to create a band which has a unique sounds while always carrying on the ancient tones. It's no mean trick.

 Junior Sisk

Jason Tomlin

Jason Davis

 Billy Hawks

 Chris Davis

Rhonda Vincent & the Rage

Rhonda Vincent continues to be one of the hardest working and most appreciated performers in bluegrass shows. She arrives prepared, gives her all while saving her voice, appreciates her band members and allows them plenty of crowd attention, and greets her fans with enthusiasm and warmth, You can't beat her. She should be studied in bluegrass business school.

Ben Helsen

Brent Burke

Hunter Berry

Mickey Harris

Rhonda Vincent
Thursday was a great opening day despite the heat. The evening was completely delightful, and when we hit the sack there was jamming all over the place. More tomorrow.