Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strawberry Park 2012 - Friday

Strawberry Park on Friday Morning

Friday morning dawned warm with cooler weather showing on the radar, but not on the ground,  Kids were in the pool and jumping on the bouncer. Life began to perk up as  later arrivals put their seats out and the rhythm of the festival began to pick up. Three bands from Thursday night were also on the Friday lineup, so don't look for Larry Stephenson, Hot Mustard, or The Dixie Bee Liners here, but they all  laid down solid sets today to follow up the strong work from last evening.  

Della Mae

Della Mae keeps adding more new material and presenting a smoother, more professional appearance and sound. They're a delight to hear and see. 

Kimber Ludiker
Jenni Lyn Gardner

Courtney Hartman

Shelby Means

Celia Woodsmith

Glenn Huffner & Jim Beaver - Emcees

Jim Beaver

The Greencards

The Greencards aren't a bluegrass band, but no one seems to care. They make fine music that's very satisfying to many people who attend. Their rich plugged in sound along with Carol Young's sultry voice create a sound that fits for many. The addition of Luke Bulla on fiddle helps raise the band to a new level.

Kym Warner

Carl Miner

Luke Bulla

Carol Young

Amy Gallatin & Stillwater

Amy Gallatin & Stillwater continues to provide interesting and tuneful music. Amy,  along with her partner Roger Williams on Dobro, make a solid musical couple. Young J.D. Williams has come into his own as a band member, looking comfortable and both playing and singing with confidence and elan. Kimber Ludiker added her fine fiddle to the mix along with Eric Levinson on bass. Good show!

Amy Gallatin

Roger Williams

J.D. Williams

Eric Levinson

Eric & JD

John Saroyan & Eric Gibson

The Gibson Brothers

The Gibson Brothers are the Gibson Brothers...what else can I say? An extensive catalog of songs their fans know. They don't have to make a set list, because the fans know their material so well they just call out the song name. Their biggest  problem is introducing the new great songs they have written in the past year.

 Eric Gibson

 Leigh Gibson

Joe Walsh

Clayton Campbell

Joe Walsh for President w/Della Mae

Steve Ide - Photograper, Videographer, Web Guru

Celia Woodsmith

Loyal Gibson Brothers Fans

 Kimber Ludiker's Workshop

Kim Cyr