Thursday, February 21, 2013

Newell Lodge - Spring 2013 - Preview

Settled into the piney woods of south Georgia on a hammock just raised enough to host a lovely grove of live oak trees, Newell Lodge is an events facility hosting weddings, rodeos, trail rides, and, of course, a twice annual bluegrass festival.  Host/promoter Harvin Carter has consistently improved the site, providing several small cottages for rent, permanent bathroom facilities with hot showers, a restaurant/snack bar offering three home cooked meals a day, unlimited addtional space for rough camping, and horse-drawn carriage rides around the grounds. The Newell Lodge facility is one of the great new bluegrass venues in the region, and has become increasingly popular as local people and snow birds discover its delights. Their spring festival runs from March 7 - March 9, but early arrivals are treated to a fish fry and/or a southern seafood boil, and an extremely pleasant environment to spend a week in.

2013 Spring Lineup

Highlights of this spring's show feature one of the last outings of a band which has proven itself popular at this small festival as well as at large events nationwide, one of the deep south's finest traditional bluegrass and southern gospel entertainers, a couple of well-recognized emerging bands, and an out-of-the box new band that young Clint Wilson (of the Wilson Family Band) has put together featuring a pleasing mix of traditional bluegrass, contemporary country covers, and a number of his own increasingly well-known songs. It should be fine weekend.

Tim Shelton - NewFound Road

NewFound Road lead singer Tim Shelton has decided to head in new directions with his exceptional bluesy, country vocals and emotive sounds. The Booher Brothers are gone, so it remains to be seen who shows up with the band, but Tim's fine voice is sure to be leading the way. John Lawless interviewed Tim in September, and it should prove interesting to follow his new found road.

Gary Waldrep

The Gary Waldrep Band comes from the Sand Hills region of Alabama bringing Gary's strong banjo and deep faith to a loyal regional crowd which knows his material and likes him as an entertainer and a person. He can be counted on to provide a strong show. 

Mindy Rakestraw
Glen Harrell - Volume V

Glenn Harrell brings his fine voice, long experience with other bands, and carefully chosen side men to this band which is receiving increasing notice around the country. They performed as a showcase band at the 2012 IBMA Convention in Nashville to a strong reception, and they are seeing their bookings spread to an ever wider geographical area. Their music includes a broad tapestry of traditional and more contemporary tunes that's pleasing to the ear and may contain a few surprises. They have a new CD which shows their versatility and strength.

Patton Wages 

Brand New Strings

Brand New Strings originates in the fertile bluegrass hills of East Tennessee. They were a showcase band at the 2010 IBMA Convention and have continued to attract attention. They have a new CD released last year on Rural Rhythm Records.

 Randell Massengill

Magnolia Belle 
Clint Wilson

 Many people in Georgia and Florida have watched Clint Wilson grow from a gangly teen playing with his family band into a published and recorded song writer and wizard multi-instrumentalist. His songs have been recorded by Blue Moon Rising and Volume V, a sought after sound man, record producer along with band-mate Brandon Bostic, and more. Recently married and about to graduate from Valdosta State University and move to Nashville, you'll be able to say, "I knew him when...." In describing the sound and vibe of his new band, Clint says, "I'd say smooth, melodic bluegrass. We'll be doing originals as well as covers of Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw (all arranged so they won't stick out from the BG material). We've got a few traditional tunes not many people do anymore, too." I'm really looking forward to the debut of this band.

 Kalyn Hall Wilson

The Snyder Family
Zeb Snyder

We've watched the Snyder kids grow from cute to accomplished before our eyes. Both Zeb and Samantha Snyder are multiple contest winners whose virtuoso play and increasingly mature stage presence have made them a hit across the country. 2013 will see them at Merlefest, Branson Missouri, and Red,White & Bluegrass among other appearances. The Snyder's were very well-received at Newell Lodge last year.

 Samantha Snyder

The Wilson Family Band
Robert Wilson

Host band at Newell Lodge and co-promoter, The Wilson Family is a local favorite making fewer appearances as their children mature into new interests and different directions. Always a regional favorite, their fervent gospel bluegrass and deep connection to their audiences will be featured on Thursday evening. Fans should also follow the progress of their new efforts in goat farming on Facebook.

 Katie Wilson

Melissa Wilson

Sarah Harris & Trinity River

Some Day
 The North Florida Bluegrass Association

Tickets and Information

Further information about tickets, camping, and schedule may be obtained by clicking here.

The Venue
Host Harvin Carter

 Kay Carter

Emcee - Irby Brown

The Fish Fry

 The Low Country Boil

How to Get to Newell Lodge
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Newell Lodge presents a well-balanced schedule along with a relaxed and enjoyable venue. We always look forward to this intimate and well-designed event as we begin to head slowly north with the Spring. Why not join us there?