Friday, May 3, 2013

Camping at IBMA in Raleigh

Many people considering attending the IBMA World of Bluegrass and Wide Open Bluegrass being held in Raleigh, NC from September 24 - 28, 2013 are concerned about opportunities for RVers to find places to park. It's a good news story. The North Carolina State Fairgrounds has set aside a block of fifty (50) full service sites on its campground for IBMA use. The sites are equipped with water/electric/sewer and free WiFi. An elaborate wash house and shower facility is a short distance away by car.

Wash House

The Fair Grounds are conveniently  located a few miles from the Convention Center and the Redhat Amphitheater where Wide Open Bluegrass will be held. Campsites may be reserved at a cost of $25.00 per night. Access in round the clock and the area is patrolled by adequate security. Here's an overview of the camping area. To reserve a site, call Claudine Davis (Corporate Relations Facility Sales Director) at (919) 919-839-4501 or email her at with the subject line IBMA2013RV. If all fifty sites are reserved, additional sites may be set aside. Note that there is a home football came on Saturday, so make your reservations early. When we last visited Raleigh a few weeks ago, no decision had been reached about whether or how to schedule shuttle transportation to the World of Bluegrass site. 

RV Accomodations Near Convention Center

Note all the parking surrounding the Convention Center. At present at least half the lot to the right of the Marriott Hotel is planned for parking for self-contained RV's. 

Redhat Amphitheater Behind Convention Center

The picture above, taken through a window at the Marriott Hotel shows the Convention Center with the Redhat Amphitheater behind it. The Convention Center is accessible by tunnel from the hotel.

Redhat Amphitheater

The Redhat Amphitheater seats about 6000 people on a raked seating area. 

 To the left of the picture above is an open parking lot with another behind the berm at its rear. These two lots will be set aside for tour buses and large, self-contained attendee buses. No fee structure has been established yet, but I expect it to be reasonable.

Lot and Berm to Left of Amphitheater

May is membership month at IBMA. Join now and take advantage of the cost benefits for registration at IBMA, the Awards Show and the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival.  IBMA week will provide more highlights than you can imagine.