Friday, May 17, 2013

Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival 2013 - Thursday Review

Pete Wernick's ever popular Jam Camp ran at Gettysburg from noon on Monday until their brief performance in the very early afternoon on Thursday. Students at Dr. Banjo's camps always experience remarkable progress from the skill and confidence levels they arrive at camp with to making real music in jam settings and taking the stage to demonstrate their new found progress.

Jam Groups During Camp

The link below will take you to a set of pictures of the Jam Camp performance at the opening of the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival. I hope to add photos of the barbecue and evening jam hosted by R.B. and Bridget Powell later in the week.

The Stevens Family

The Stevens Family, from West Virginia, specializes in fervent gospel music and covers of traditional and second generation hard driving bluegrass as well as some works of their own. They perform with high energy and continue to grow in popularity.

Sissy Stevens

Sam Stevens

Ben Stevens

J.W. Stevens

Luke Stevens

Nora Jane Struthers & Party Line

 Nora Jane Struthers is a singer/songwriter whose music ranges from plaintive issue songs to lively Texas swing probably was well-received with a particularly lively second set eliciting crowd support and a rousing encore.

Nora Jane Struthers

 P.J. George

Aaron Jonah Lewis

Joe Overton

Drew Longhorn

Nora Jane Struthers

The Gibson Brothers

Being a member of a Gibson Brothers performance at a festival provides a transcendent experience for many of those there. Sitting with many others who know and love the Gibson Brothers music and the brothers' unique personal interaction with each other and the audience is unlike watching any other band perform. Audience members can't sit still in their seats as they mouth the words to avoid interrupting the enjoyment of others by singing along aloud. One can imagine their riding home in their car with the latest Gibson Brothers CD in the slot and singing each of the songs at the top of their lungs. One of the many qualities that makes this band beloved to their many fans is joining together with them for these shared and treasured moments.

 Eric & Leigh Gibson

Clayton Cambell

 Mike Barber

Jesse Cobb

Kenny & Amanda Smith

 Kenny & Amanda Smith always bring fine music and warm personality to their performances. Amanda's voice is one of the finest in all bluegrass. She deserves serious consideration for IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year honors. Kenny, while still capable of blazing speed, has moderated his style to be strongly melodic. A listener never looses the song in his intricate variations and interpretations on the guitar. They have surrounded themselves with a strong band that supports their assets as vocalists and musicians.

 Amanda Smith

 Kenny Smith

 Cory Piatt

Troy Engle

Austin Ward

Photographer Garland Gobble

Song Writing - The Gibson Brothers

The Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival has long been known for the quality and creativity of its workshops. They are thoughtfully structured and often bring together wonderfully surprising combinations of musicians to make wonderful music together. A song writing workshop by the Gibson Brothers often functions as their initial testing of the waters for new material they are creating just as their most recently recorded material is being represented on the stage. Their honesty in answering serious questions about their writing process is only a slightly more informal approach than they take on the stage. They are often called on at festivals to do song writing workshops, which are not to be missed events.

 Mike Lane at Work

Nora Jane Struthers & Friend
 Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

Russell Moore is fully recovered from his recent throat problems and the rest seems to have done his voice a world of good. He is singing with a relaxed and confident voice which rings out with all the authority and, perhaps, greater warmth than ever. Meanwhile, a IIIrd Tyme Out performance is kept moving along with light good humor because of the naturalness of Steve Dillings stage delivery, wherein he manages to interact with a thousand or more people with the same intimacy you feel talking to him one-on-one. Wayne Benson is taking a more active verbal role to complement his always superb mandolin play. Watch this group for multiple awards from IBMA this year.

 Steve Dilling

Wayne Benson

Edgar Loudermilk

Justin Haynes

Russell Moore