Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) - Tuesday

It's mid-July in Columbus, Ohio, which means hot. It also means it's time for one of the country's great bluegrass festivals, Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (the MACC) to offer an all-star lineup of the some of the best bluegrass bands performing to help raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. We arrived Monday to find a busy crew helping early arrivals find their reserved camping spaces, setting up tents and speakers, and placing signs...all the details needed to come together to make a bluegrass festival run smoothly. There were more campers already  on site than we had ever seen, suggesting that there will be a goodly crowd assembled for this year's event.

 Hot off the Assembly Line and Ready for a Festival

Sound Man/Performer Chris Hill
Looking Like the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland

Promoter Darrell Adkins
Takes on the Problems One By One 

The Staff Corrall - A Hub of Activity

 Phyllis & Darrell Adkins with Two of the Many Volunteers

Irene Has Become Essential to the Blog
in Many, Many Ways 

Darrell Adkins with 
Carol & Ted Shimkowiak
Carol Made this Beautiful MACC Quilt
for the MACC 

Fan Apprciation Evening

Darrell had dedicated a special non-advertised performance on Tuesday evening dedicated to the campers and staff designed to showcase up and coming young artists. On Tuesday three bands and a solo act performed for the people who had been on site for a while. It was a great event for which a good crowd showed up and enjoyed themselves immensely.
Dave Adkins & Republik Steel

Dave Adkins has a rough edged, bluesy voice that effectively communicates heart-felt emotion and enthusiasm. Coming out of the hill or East Kentucky, Adkins has released one recording which is currently charting, receiving recognition from the larger music world as well as from bluegrass. He sells his songs with an infectious aura drawing the audience into his world. Live performance suits his music and his style, which is animated in ways no CD can adequately communicate. Request his band at a festival near you.

Dave Adkins

 Wesley Wolfe

Matthew Cruby

Kenny O'Quinn

Danny Ray Stiltner

Dave Adkins

Billy Drose

Drose, from Boaz, Alabama, is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville.

Flatt Lonesome

Flatt Lonesome, a young band now based in Nashville has moved from their home town of Callahan, Florida, where they began as a family band playing mostly in churches. Their progress has been significant as they've garnered attention through an important win at SPBGMA and a new recording which is charting well.

Kelsi Robertson

Michael Stockton

 Dominic Dillingworth

Charli Robertson

Buddy Robertson
Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney, an Illinois native, is a rising singer/songwriter who's been working in Nashville for a couple of years and has already produced some pretty fine songs. He also brings a nuanced baritone country voice which has already matured beyond his twenty years.  In a crowded and highly competitive field, the best that can happen now is to wish him luck to go along with the hard work he's obviously putting in. He sang with members of his family bluegrass band, including his sister Holly, who also is chasing a career in music also.

Mo Pitney

Kenny Pitney

? Pitney

Holly Pitney

Mo Pitney

The opening night provided an auspicious start for what is always a great event. There's still time to be here yourself.