Thursday, July 18, 2013

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) 2013 - Wednesday

Pancake Breakfast at the Ingrahm Building

The Staff at Breakfast

Summer days in Ohio are hot and hazy. The days at the MACC start slowly with the staff getting ready for the day crowd to arrive. It's quiet and a bit lazy, but there's work to be done and everyone is ready to get about doing their tasks, no matter how late they stayed at the show the night before or picked. Lynn Butler and his wife Brenda cook breakfast, and Brenda takes plates out to the people at the gates to be sure everyone starts the day off with a good meal. As noon rolls around, the anticipation is palpable, and so is the heat. Fortunately, there's plenty of shade, allowing people to move around to different seats and remain a little cooler. 

The James King Band

James King has been on a search for a mandolin picker since one went rogue on him a few weeks ago. He says it looks like he's found him in young David Watson, who was fine with James' festival opening set. King is a favorite here at the MACC and does yeoman service for the Cause wherever he performs. Other relatively new members of his band have settled in to anchoring the Bluegrass Storyteller on either side, and the band is solid, solid, solid.  

James King

David Watson

Merle Johnson 

Barry Crabwell

 John Marquess

 Don Rigsby Joins King for a Tune

Todd Sams the Raffle Guitar
He Built

Dave Adkins and his Crew

Chris Hill - All About Business

Don Rigsby & Midnight Call

Don Rigsby brings his great tenor voice, his commitment to the founders, and his deep personal faith to every performance. He always delivers on all three with a fine band supporting him. It's always a pleasure to take a little time just to listen to some of the classic bluegrass he delivers.

Don Rigsby

Clyde Marshall

Elmer Burchett

Bobby Davis

Matt Hooper

 Food Vendors are Plentiful

Pick-Up Masters

One of Darrell Adkins special talents is putting together bands synthesized from personnel performing on any given day. Kristin Scott Benson (the Grascals) and her husband Wayne Benson and (IIIrd Tyme Out) rarely get to play together in public. Josh Williams and Mickey Harris from Rhonda Vincent's Rage and Justen Haynes (IIIrd Tyme Out) rounded out this band. They played together for the first time, having a rolicking good time and providing more than a couple of thrills for the enthusiastic crow. Great Fun!

 Justen Haynes

Kristin Scott Benson

Mickey Harris

Wayne Benson

Josh Williams

 Artists Merch Area

The MACC Store

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice

 Junior Sisk continues to lend his great tenor voice to keep the Stanley Brothers work alive and well in bluegrass music. The more contemporary materials he also uses sound as if they might have been written a genration ago, but are filled with modern touches of subject matter. His music contains humor and liveliness, making him a favorite wherever he goes. 

Junior Sisk

Jason Davis

Jason Tomlin

 Billy Hawks

Chris Davis

Rhonda Vincent & the Rage

 Rhonda Vincent is as reliable as a great timepiece. She can be counted on in any situation to give the crowd her all. We've seen her in cold wind, deep mud, and nearly unbearable heat and still she comes out determined give the audience all she has to deliver, which is considerable. Her current band is the best of any configuration of the rage we've seen. She stays out for her fans until the last one leaves. Just can't be beat.

 Hunter Berry

Aaron McDaris

Josh Williams

Brent Burke

Mickey Harris
 Rhonda Vincent


Real "Fans"

Marty Raybon & Full Circle

Marty Raybon has been around for a long time singing and playing bluegrass, winning awards in country music, and singing up a storm. He's a full-bore entertainer who can sell a song with the very best of them. His recent cut on Rural Rhythm records of  "God Didn't Choose Sides," is bound for classic status. Meanwhile, we'll have to settle for his sublime version of "Beulah Land." His enthusiasm is infectious.

Zack Rambo
 Isaac Smith

Randall Barnes

Chris West

 Marty Raybon

Blogger At Work

Tryout for IVrth Tyme Out (Jaelee Roberts)

Danny Roberts, Jaelee Robers, Steve Dilling
Rhonda Vincent, Junior Sisk, & Russell Moore

What happens when you take three of the best voices in bluegrass music, voices contrasting in pitch, style, and sound, and put them on one stage together and tell them they're supposed to perform without rehearsal? Pure musical pleasure with a good dose of humor, that's what. Rhonda Vincent, Junior Sisk, and Russell Moore closed out the evening with a light hearted and full-throated hour of fun. Here are a few pics of this one time musical moment.

 Rhonda Vincent & Mickey Harris

Junior Sisk

Russell Moore

 Steve Dilling

Hunter Berry

Junior Sisk & Rhonda Vincent

It was a fun end to a fine day of bluegrass music in the heat of summer. More tomorrow.