Saturday, July 20, 2013

Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (The MACC) 2013 - Thursday

Friday and Saturday are such busy days that I'll put up lots of pictures for the next two days accompanied by less text....I know, that's what a lot of you would prefer anyway, but I like to write. it comes after an enormously hot and very satisfying day of music which only gets better as the festival moves towards its Saturday climax.Where I don't have the names, I'll go back and do the research to add them next week. Thanks for your understanding.

The Rarely Herd

 Todd Sams

Charli Robertson

Sierra Hull

 Sierra Hull

 Jake Stargell

 Cory Walker

 Justin Moses

 Jacob Eller

 Sierra Hull

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
Michael Cleveland

 Glenn Gibson

Nathan Livers

 Josh Richards

 Tyler Griffith

Ways to Beat the Heat

  Tom Feller at the Sound Board

Lost & Found

Alan Mills

Scott Napier

Ronald Smith

Dan Wells

The Larry Stephenson Band

Larry Stepenson

Kenny Ingram

Danny Stewart

Colby Laney

 Larry Stephenson

The Trio - Stephenson, Ingram, Laney

She Dances, No Matter How Hot it Is!

MACC Opry 

Flatt Lonesome, Billy Ryan Drose, Mo Pitney
and Guests
Kelsi Robertson Herrigill

Charli Robertson

Micheal Stockton

Buddy Robertson

Paul Harrigill

Billy Ryan Drose

Kenny Pitney

Mo Pitney

Edgar Loudermilk

Lauren, Rhonda &  Leanne Price -- Priceless

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out
Russell Moore

Edgar Loudermilk

Wayne Benson

Justen Haynes

Steve Dilling

The Grascals

I Am Strong

 The Audience Responds

Jamie Johnson & Terry Smith

Jeremy Abshire

Terry Eldridge

Jamie Johnson

Danny Roberts

Terry Eldredge

Kristin Scott Benson

The Steel Drivers
Brent Truitt

Richard Bailey

Tammy Rogers

Gary Nichols

Mike Fleming

Thursday was a wonderful day at the MACC, and so was Friday, but you'll have to wait until after we get home for the rest. The weather, as I sit finishing this on Saturday morning is iffy, so I'm putting my computer away for the rest of the weekend. I'll be doing photography and, with a little luck, more video.