Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tennessee Fall Homecoming 2012 - Friday

Friday at the Tennessee Fall Homecoming was overcast and a bit cool, but a warm environment persisted and it never rained. The crowd seemed a little larger than last year's and the music was good. So was the food. We placed our seats in front of the stage, thinking we would not need shade this year. Here's a few pictures that try to capture the scene around the grounds during a very successful day. 

Rhonda Rucker

Sparky Rucker

Arts & Crafts Throughout the Grounds

Leroy Troy

 Laura Boosinger

Ramona Jones - Family & Friends

John Rice Irwin
Museum & Festival Founder

Wailin' Wood - Harmonica Wizard

WDVX's Freddy Smith - Emcee

The Essential Sound Man

Tony Mowell & Chris West
Blue Moon Rising

Brandon Bostic

School Kids Taking Notes

Brand New Strings

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

 IBMA Hall of Famer - Doyle Lawson

Good day with two more to come.