Monday, October 1, 2012

Tennessee Fall Homecoming 2012 - Museum of Appalachia

The Tennessee Fall Homecoming will take place at the Museum of Appalchia in Norris, TN from October 12 -14 this year.  Not really a bluegrass festival, although there's plenty of that, or, indeed, a music festival, although there's a great deal of music in many forms. The Tennessee Fall Homecoming is a celebration of the arts, music, crafts, and life of rural America in the Appalachian Mountains of the mid-South. Founded by John Rice Irwin in the 1960's to house the collections he had been amassing for years as a result of his fascination with the life, history, and culture of the Appalachian region, the museum offers a huge collection of buildings, artifacts, tools, and living exhibitions of a life and culture now mostly gone, except for being kept alive by the artists, musicians, and artisans who practice traditional arts and music.

Music Schedule
October 12-14, 2012
Thursday Oct. 11, is Student Heritage Day
We are proud to announce the following performers and dates subject to changes and additions.
Band Name Days
"Hello Stranger" featuring Dale Jett sa
Back Row Boys sa, su
Anna Denison t,f
Bill & Anne Foster sa,su
Blue Moon Rising f
Brand New Strings f
Brenda Lentz-Dawson su
Butch Ross sa
Clinch Valley Bluegrass f,sa
Dalton Roberts sa
Daniel Rothwell f,sa
Danny Johnson Band sa
Darin & Brooke Aldridge sa
David West & the Cider Mountain Boys sa,su
Derrick Darter and Pappy f,sa
Diane O'Brian All 4 days
Dixie Gray sa,su
Do-Re-Mi Singers All 4 Days
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver f
Dr. John Simon & Friends f,sa,su
Foster Family Band sa
Glenn Greene & Family sa,su
Harlan Fields & the Bluegrass Scholars su
High Kotton Band f,su
Jay Bland, (Buck Dancer) th,f
Jennifer Rose t,f,sa
Johnny Bellar sa,su
Judie Pagter & Friends f
Judy Carson su
Keith Williams Family Band f,sa
Lantana Drifters f
Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers Su
Laura Boosinger th,f
Leroy Troy f,sa,su
Lilies of the West f
Lonesome Meadow su
Mack Snoderly & Flave Hart Band f
Mala Patterson t,f
Master Peace Bluegrass Gospel su
Melvin Goins & Windy Mountain su
Mountain Drive sa
Museum of Appalachia Band All 4 days
Nathaniel Samsel th
Old Time Strings f
Patsy Berry, (Clogger) All 4 Days
Paul Williams & The Victory Trio su
Pine Mountain Grass su
Ramona Jones & Friends f,sa
Rigney Family Bluegrass sa
Roan Mountain Moonshiners f
Roy Harper f
Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out su
Sarah Morgan su
Sparky & Rhonda Rucker f
Standing Stone su
The Ball Sisters Band f
The Dismembered Tennesseans sa
The Dowden Sisters su
The Hilltoppers sa
The Stewart Family f,sa,su
Thomas Maupin f
Tom Brantley & Missionary Ridge f,sa
Uncle Doc Wilhite sa
Wailin' Wood f,sa,su

There are five sound stages scattered over the grounds at The Museum of Appalachia, and many of the performers make multiple appearances during the day or days they appear.  It should be understood, though, that there's lots going on around the grounds besides the music. Artisans are demonstrating their art and selling their wares. Traditional food is sold around the grounds as well as in the museum restaurant.  Don't miss the fruit cobblers cooked in stacked iron kettles over an open fire.  

Advance ticket prices
Now through Sept. 17
Prices after Sept. 17
and at the gates

1 Day tickets
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3 Day tickets
Hall of Fame
Student Heritage Day

To Order Tickets Call: (865) 494-7680

How to Get  to The Museum of Appalachia

This event is much more impressive than a local or regional cultural fair. The Museum, the music, the arts and crafts, the food, and the scene all combine to make it unforgettable visit, a place you'll want to return to for the Homecoming or just to visit.

Elaine Irwin Meyer - President

John Rice Irwin - Founder