Monday, April 28, 2008

Merlefest 2008 - Sunday

Sunday at Merlefest is often a mellow day with gospel sets at the Creekside Stage and some quieter and more thought provoking music at other venues. The day was overcast, threatening rain all day, but staying warm. Despite a strong and varied lineup, many people became discouraged by the weather and headed home, foregoing hearing the Dan Tyminski Band, which closed the festival. Despite the weather there was much to enjoy and chew on. Here's some pictures, and I'll try to post a more comprehensive review later in the week.

Maura Shawn Scanlin

Doc Watson

Claire Lynch Band

Claire Lynch

Jim Hurst (Claire Lynch)

Mark Schatz (Claire Lynch)
Jason Thomas (Claire Lynch)

Claire Lynch

Greg Luck (Circuit Riders)

Greg Corbett (Circuit Riders)

Jaret Carter (Circuit Riders)

Billy Gee (Circuit Riders)

Darin Aldridge (Circuit Riders)

Brooke Justice (Circuit Riders guest)

Allison Brown

Larry Attamnuik (Allison Brown)

Joe Craven (Allison Brown)

David Holt

Laura Boosinger

Jerry Douglas

Luke Bulla (Jerry Douglas)

Jerry Douglas and Megan Lovell (Dobro Players)

The Lovell Sisters on the Cabin Stage

The Sparrow Quartet

Abigail Washburn (Sparrow Quartet)

Casey Driessen (Sparrow Quartet)

Bela Fleck (Sparrow Quartet)

Ron Stuart (Dan Tyminski Band)

Adam Steffey (Dan Tyminski Band)

Justin Moses (Dan Tyminski Band)

Barry Bales (Dan Tyminski Band)

Dan Tyminski

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Merlefest Saturday - Pictures

Saturday was hot and humid, thunder-stormy, clearing, and great! The music was wonderful and, of course, we had to pick and choose. Today I'm posting a selection. Please remember it's highly personal and based on our experience each day. I'll keep posting Merlefest pictures and commentary throughout the coming week.

Toy Pratt - Born 1928 - Row 19, Seat 28

Rebecca Lovell

Flexigrass Jam

David Holt

Cheike Hamala Diabate (Flexigrass Jam)

Mando Mania

Darin Aldridge

Barry Mitterhoff

Tom Rozum

Tony Williamson

Sam Bush

Tim O'Brien

Sierra Hull

Circuit Riders

Greg Corbett

Billy Gee

Darin Aldridge

Jaret Carter

Tim O'Brien

Girls for Merle

Allison Brown

Rhonda Vincent

Claire Lynch

Laurie Lewis

Missy Raines

Sally van Meeter

Docabilly Jam

Jack Lawrence
Bruce Hornsby

Ricky Skaggs